Since Day One
We Make Email Marketing
Easier And Cheaper.

MailGaze lets you know what works in the market so that you grow your engagement, audience, and sales.

MailGaze offers an integrated and robust feature set to help businesses and enterprises of any size.

Analyze and assess your competitors’ email marketing strategies and reach the right set of customers. Hone your CRM strategies and marketing tactic with our powerfully simple and simply powerful solutions

Understand what works for your niche without investing your time and money into market research. We collect and present information and data that you require at your fingertips!


Our Mission

Target, Test, and Track Success

At MailGaze, it’s our mission to help businesses make their email marketing relevant to their audience by sending the right message, with the right content, at the right time.

We aim at cutting the expenses, time, and energy that marketers require to gather relevant data. And we assist marketers to rise above the promotional noise and get better results than ever.

MailGaze At A Glance

We help businesses thrive with online sales and marketing solutions.
No matter who you are, we got what you need for your next email campaign

Intuitive Dashboard

Everything we do roots from simplicity from the features we build to the way we run our dashboard. We choose to do less but do it better.

Real-Time Reports & Insights

Get an instant analysis of what’s up with your competitors with graphs, accurate reports, relevant links, and many more. We serve them hot.


Powerful Filter Modes

Target your email searches with our powerful filters and detailed search mode. Cut the clutter, micro-target, and narrow down your searches.


Advanced Bookmarking

Save the campaigns you like for later and get creative inspiration from the best in the lot! Recreate what works among your audience in no time.

Best Landing Pages

Find the landing pages and other URLs linked with your favorite campaigns. Use filters to target landing pages as well in your search results.


24x7x365 Days Support

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Drop us a hi whenever you are stuck, and one of our representatives will always be there to help.


The All-In-One Email Marketing Tool Your Business Needs

Let us worry about finding marketing data and insights for you so you don’t have to! We developed our tools with a high focus on your requirements, privacy, and security. And we make sure our clients fly among the best every time.

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