What We Do

We bring you the efficient way to compare and understand your rival’s email marketing

A powerful database of emails which provides best solution for media buyers, advertisers, ad agencies to spy on their marketing campaigns.


Track : Tracking your competitor’s emails couldn’t be easier. Use the advanced search mode to choose the specific list of data of emails being sent by your competitors. Filter your search by days, keywords, age groups and lander properties. All emails are stored real time in our ever growing database.

Analyse : This feature allows you to view plots of key metrics like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly mails by sender. It also detects the redirect, lander and outgoing URLs for specific mails reaching their final destination.

Make It Relevant : Stay up-to-date on the ins and outs of your competitor’s strategies. Create exact content that speak to your audience. Encourage users back to your website with highly targeted email campaigns.


  Demography and location based Emails

  Easy to use search and filter modes

  Add custom list of websites to monitor


For best results, you need to know what your competitors are doing. That’s why MailGaze built this precise tool that allows viewing, tracking and analysing your competitor’s email marketing so that you can visualise their activities and hone your own strategy accordingly.

We deliver comprehensive content analytics directly to your dashboard giving you the information you need to strengthen your brand management and stay on top of your competition.

Find the best landing pages in few seconds.

Become an email marketing pro with MailGaze .