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Save Your Time from Market Research

MailGaze lets you bring your audience data, insights, and marketing channels together from a single platform – so that you can reach your goals faster.

By Using MailGaze, You Will...


Create effective Email campaigns

Increase interaction with Email ads, refine with A/B testing, and personalise the messaging with audience groups that are recommended.


Track your performance

Mailgaze’s analytic tool gives you detailed metrics
in real time⁠—allowing you to quickly identify and pounce on trends.

Generate Powerful insights

Get in touch with the latest native promotional
Emails and grab daily, weekly, and yearly list of the latest running Email copies.

Get Accurate & detailed reports

Learn about the overall open and click-through rates, the effects of Email on website conversions ‘beyond the click,’ how well different forms of Email do, the most successful for your competitors’, and your engagement.

All-In-One Email Marketing Software

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Drive Better Results With Meaningful Emails

Get up to 6x more conversions via your emails while you focus on your business.
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