What to Put in Subject Line for Networking Email

Even if you have written a brilliant networking email, a weak subject line will make it go unnoticed, and all your marketing efforts will go in vain, wasting all behind the scene effort and planning for that email.

Impressions do make a difference, especially when it comes to networking email subject lines.

It is required to have an appealing and effective email subject line because studies indicate that 40% of email recipients open the mail based on the subject lines.

Networking is an art, and everyone has their unique style of reaching out to people for communicating. But still, there are some key focused areas common for everyone to take notice of before writing an email subject line for networking.

Are you fretting over what to put in the subject line for networking email?

Let us Find Some Quick Tips-

What is the Networking Email Subject Line?

The better your email subject line, the more are your chances for the recipient to not only open but to read it and reply also.

The subject line for networking email is the first impressionable thing about your business that your networking prospect will catch when they receive an email from you. 

Without an effective networking email subject line, your email can easily be overlooked or deleted without even checking what’s inside it.

A catchy and informative subject line can entice the recipient and force him to read the full email.

The better your email subject line, the more are your chances for the recipient to not only open but to read it and reply also.

Why are networking email subject lines important?

Subject lines can quickly give a glimpse of what’s in store in the email. The wrong subject line could turn people off or make them neglect it altogether. 

But the right one can make them read thoroughly and reply also.

It is like the title of the book that captures your attention first, and then you decide whether to go for it or not. 

Without an impressive subject line, there is a chance the recipient could disregard your networking email. Therefore, it is far more vital than the actual content of the email to have an informative subject line to make them open it first.

Those quick little phrases, in the beginning, have the power to decide whether your prospects want to read what you have to say.

Some More Reasons for Impressive Subject Lines Include:

  • To ensure it’s not sent to spam by the recipient
  • To convey information related to what the email is about
  • To inform the recipient of what to expect when opening the email
  • To let the recipient know who is sending the email

How to Write an Impressive Networking Email Subject Line


The following are some necessary actions you should take before documenting a networking email subject line to ensure it’s effective and good enough to entice the recipient to open and read your email:

1. Personalization

Personalizing your subject line helps the recipient understand that the email is coming from a familiar source and is not spam. 

Some Ways to personalize your subject line-

  • Include the recipient’s name 
  • Their job title
  • Mutual interests/ Common ground to connect 
  • Events you attended together
  • Topics the recipient is interested in.

2. Keep it Brief

Smartphones normally offer much less subject line space, so attempt to maintain your subject line to 40 characters or smaller to assure the reader can view all of your subject lines.

3.Catchy Subject Lines

Rather than employing a generic subject line, consider utilizing an urgent or catchier line to grab the reader’s attention so that they open and read your email. (This is extremely crucial  to create a new association) 

4. Subject Line Should Be to the Point

While creativity is a must for crafting a subject line, clarity is even more essential so that the recipient instantly knows what the email is all about. (considering the super busy work schedules everyone is dealing with)

Make sure your subject lines are to the point to convey the message and force the reader to read it completely.

5. Avoid Spam-like Language

Bypass utilizing all capital letters, numerous exclamation marks, misspelled terms, or aggressively sales-like verbiage that may dissuade the readers and make you come across more like a spam emailer.

Some Networking Email Subject Line Examples

The following examples consideration for making your own networking email subject lines uniquely-

  • Looking to learn more about [a specific and relevant topic].
  • Hey [name], I’d love to collaborate with you.
  • Hello from [your name] (event where you met).
  • I’d love to catch up!
  • Request to chat [ relevant subject].
  • I want to introduce you to [name of the person].
  • Interested in learning more [topic or subject].
  • Enjoyed our chat – wanted to follow up on our meeting [date of the meeting].

4 Rules of Thumb for Networking Subject Lines

  1. Clarity is More Important than Creativity

Clarity of purpose in networking email subject line promises value and is deemed adequate than witty or creative lines by readers. (In a case study traversing emails sent to multiple subscribers, clear and concise subject lines obtained 617 percent more click-throughs than witty or innovative lines.)

So in a nutshell, a terrific subject line needs to build conviction in just a few words.

  1. Don’t Make Them Too Short

Studies show that subject lines between 6-10 words had on average 5% higher open rate than emails with 1-5 words in the subject line. 

  1. Title Cases Do Slightly Better

Emails that used title cases in the subject case had on average 4.2% higher open rates than emails with subjects in sentence case.

  1. Personalized Subject Lines

Emails with personalized subject lines get average 30.5% higher open rates than generic ones.

Some More Tips to Take Care of –

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when composing an effective networking email subject line:

  1. Automate Your Networking Email Outreach. Use an automated system if sending networking emails to many people or groups. Just ensure sending through a system that allows personalization to avoid coming off as spam emails.
  2. Include Information to Spark their Memory.  Include information to spark their memory for a common ground to reconnect before rolling if you one time interacted with them or attended some networking event together.
  1. Add Value to the Subject Line. Attempt to include value into the networking email subject line by proffering a free tool, resource, or communicating an appropriate article you believe the recipient would enjoy.
  1. Be Yourself. It is essential to be yourself to convey value and forge a genuine bond with the recipient by incorporating your personal touch into the email and subject line. 

Also, this can make it easier for the recipient to remember you.

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In a Nutshell

When writing a networking email subject line, confirm the subject line is appealing and adequate to deliver more prospects to succeed within your industry.

While it is very critical to be compliant in all your business contacts, still add a little touch of your essence into your networking emails and subject lines.

Don’t show a witty approach at first, go down politely and be yourself. 


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