What Is Sales Enablement And How Is It Different From Marketing Automation?

Many online businesses are considering sales enablement to make their business experience smoother. From lead generation to customer acquisition, it not only improves the sales but also enhances the buying experience of your potential consumers.

When we talk about sales and marketing together, people can’t find many dissimilarities. Although, both have their distinguishing functions. The marketing part includes the promotion to generate awareness, and the sales part denotes the acquisition of more clients for business.

Obviously, both sales and marketing have a greater impact on lead generation and revenue generation processes. And it is also the reason why they seem quite similar when we compare them together.

In this blog we are going to discuss what sales enablement is and how it is different from marketing. While we also show you how sales enablement can be quite beneficial for your business growth.

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So without further ado, here we go!

What is Sales Enablement?:

Sales enablement is the process of providing support, resources, and various tools to your sales team so they can gain more leads and convert them into deals. To ease up the process, nowadays, entrepreneurs around the world are relying on tools to automate their sales activities. For example, these tools may also help you manage your lead generation, conversion, and CRM strategies.


Sales enablement can perform tasks like:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • On-boarding sales team
  • Training and coaching to improve sales
  • Call tracking and automation to track call records
  • Email marketing automation
  • Text based marketing and more…

In simple words, it is a process of providing support and resources to your sales team to gain more deals done. In marketing also, sometimes we have to use similar tools and resources to enhance business reach with audiences. But in both contexts, the intentions of entrepreneurs are different.

Automate Sales Enablement Process:

Earlier, most retailers and business owners did not consider the automation approach on core business activities such as sales enablement. However, nowadays, everyone is moving toward a digital way of doing business.

It also saves time and extra cost on the manpower, making the business more productive, easing the revenue generation process. There are also tools that let you automate most of your sales activities in an adequately systematic and most organized way possible. Thus we can also say that automating the sales enablement process is a great way to improve your sales.

Benefits of Automating Sales Enablement:

There are software that lets you automate and manage day-to-day sales activities. It ranges from customer relationship management to using AI tools for enhancing lead generation and sales progress.


Here we have discussed the advantages of using automation in your sales strategy.

Improved Reporting:

With automation analyzing the complicated sales report has become quite simple. Companies can get immediate insights about the valuable business data within a friction of seconds.

Depending on the company’s requirement, the reporting may differ a bit, but here are some of the common reports.

  • Logged activities by sales team
  • Product demonstration delivery
  • Lead generation and conversion
  • Customer acquisition

Analyzing these details, business experts can make changes in their sales strategy to gain more value for their company.

Planning & Prospecting:

Nowadays, many marketers utilize sales and conversion funnels in their marketing strategies. Both in terms of marketing and sales, brands want to improve the journey of target prospects converting into real deals. The automation at the sales part helps you plan and predict future possibilities. And accordingly, apply sales strategies to acquire more business opportunities.

Streamline Pricing Module:

Pricing is an important factor to consider when you are analyzing sales. And the sales enablement automation, the problem with negotiation with clients gets sorted. Based on the workflow and the business expectations, you may even offer discounts to the relevant clients. And it may even help you get more sales returns back in your pocket.

User Engagement & Retention:

Automation with sales enablement allows companies to create a better customer journey experience. And that helps them to enhance user engagement and retention for their business. With innovative tech solutions like email automation and chatbots, people can easily connect with companies and sort out their queries.

Email Automation & ChatBot for Sales Enablement:

Simply with technologies like chatbot and email automation being introduced in the market, the salespeople have got the way to build relationships with customers and potential prospects. It definitely revolutionized the industry to accomplish much better results especially considering sales.


To further improve the business experience, you may rely on Mailgaze,  that’s an email intelligence solution. It allows you to monitor and track the competitor’s email campaigns, providing you with analytical insights.

Organize and Pipeline The Sales Process:

Processing the sales funnel is not an easy task. However, thanks to the implementation of automation in the sales process, even the cross-selling pipelines in the funnel can be tracked easily. It helps them to each and every prospect and ensures to gain better sales growth for their business.

Increase Your Sales:

When you equip your sales team with automation resources, it definitely helps them to connect potential customers, build relationships and improve the consumer experience. These are the parts of customer relationship management that enable you to improve your sales enablement strategy. There are CRM software that helps you automate the process to engage with the audience. Formulating these processes into your sales strategy can definitely help you to improve your sales.

Empower Your Sales With Sales Enablement:

Empowering your sales team with the right resources is what we call Sales enablement, which also helps you to increase your sales. Thanks to the tech tools and automation software, now it has become easier for the sales team to manage their work more effectively.

Considering the above factors shown in the blogpost, you might have got an understanding of what sales enablement is and how it works. By involving tech solutions in your sales strategy, you can accomplish many good results for your business. It enables you to go one step further in your sales strategies to work with quota attainment, business goals and overall business growth.

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