Top 8 Crucial Email Marketing Tactics For Black Friday

Although the mega shopping season starts from Halloween, which is oriented around costumes and masks, it means that the real Christmas shopping season begins on Black Friday.

Black Friday itself is very likely to be so crowded that you may hardly get through with standard marketing metrics. Traditionally, this is the case. But there are still ways to get your customers’ attention and make them visit your store. 

One effective way is to do email marketing. If you’re not sure how to do it, then try some email marketing tools. For example, Mailgaze provides a way for you to make your emails more effective and efficient. You can advertise the link of your respective campaign on various mailer platforms. And everything will get managed from one dashboard.

Black Friday is the most anticipated shopping festival of the year, so here are some email marketing tactics to drive more traffic to your store. But first, let us know what exactly Black Friday is.

What Is Black Friday?


Black Friday traditionally occurs after the occasion of Thanksgiving. As per history, Black Friday originated in Philadelphia back in 1961. It was the day after Thanksgiving. History says there was heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic due to the occasion. And that is how it got coined as ‘Black Friday’. 

As an Indian, I am not very much familiar with Black Friday. However, I know that this festival revolves around shopping seasons. Well! How Black Friday became the biggest shopping festival came to me as a surprise after knowing the real tale of its origin. But if we think this logically, it is very understandable. 

The Christmas shopping season begins with Thanksgiving. And Black Friday gives a boost to shopping by creating a series of occasions, and hence we have Black as a mega shopping festival.

Why Are Black Friday Sales Crucial For Business?


With the growing popularity of Black Friday, we need to understand why this particular day is crucial for businesses.

Back in the day, this day was only remembered because of its gloomy tale of heavy traffic. But as soon as the festival became popular across the globe, retailers started using Black Friday as an occasion of Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping to lure customers.

As we all know, email marketing is great for business, so it is no surprise that Black Friday sales are a major hit! All the top email marketing tools, such as Mailgaze, know how to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Well! There are a few crucial things you should know before going into this shopping season.

The first thing you should look out for is the number of people hitting your website during this time. Last year, reported a 62% increase in orders placed on Black Friday. 

That’s a huge increase from the previous year! In addition to seeing a spike in online orders, it is crucial to remember that these customers will be spending money on you directly. There will not be any third-party sellers involved, which makes it much easier to make a solid profit from them!

As Black Friday is the first day of this mega-shopping festival, businesses must provide enough deals and offers to attract as many customers as possible to purchase their products.

Why this year’s Black Friday will be better than the year 2020.
  • People are more determined in boosting the economy after a pandemic.
  • Because of the remote work culture, many people have a work-life balance.
  • Pandemic restricted folks to celebrate in its fullest. So this year is expected to be great in terms of shopping and celebration.

Black Friday represents one of the best chances for businesses to make significant profits. With more people shopping online, you can consider Black Friday as your biggest sale day. It is because many customers prefer to do their shopping from their homes or offices, rather than hitting the stores.

How To Do Email Marketing?


The biggest shopping season of the year is about to start! And it is time to be prepared for Black Friday. But take a step back – do you know how many emails your audience receives during that time?

The statistics are scary. According to the Email Statistics Report by Litmus, people receive up to 7 emails per day. If you are planning to send your emails during this period, you might end up with only a few of them reaching inboxes.

The solution – do not send mass emails. Send only personalized ones! The process of personalizing an email may take some time, but it will be worth it.

We know that this festive event is considered one of the most crucial dates in the shopping calendar. Every retailer is looking forward to this date because it is an opportunity to boost their sales.

As a business, you should not ignore the importance of this event. Emails leave a personal effect on people, but not many people check them. 

Email Marketing Tips For Black Friday

It is crucial for you to not get spammed and reach the inbox of your target audience’s device. Once you have successfully finished the first step, now it is time to entice your customer to open the email.

To get more customers to open your emails, you need to scan the most perfect time of the week when it is convenient for your emails. As per one research, most customers usually open their emails on Friday evening or during the weekend.

It means that you should plan your email campaign accordingly.

Well! Sunday is usually a day off for most of the firms. So you can send emails on Friday and Saturday. Instead of sending your emails at midday or in the afternoon. It is better to schedule them for evening hours. The best time for sending emails is around 8 pm. At this time, you could expect a 30% higher open rate than usual.

You can significantly improve your email marketing score by following these tips:

Plan ahead. 

Reflect on your brand ideology and festive spirits.

Create a buzz for your products and services.

Send emails in a suitable timeline.

Get creative with mailer subjects.

Use more visual content rather than written ones.

Add landing pages and social media pages in your emails for better communication.

Be clear and precise when talking about deals.

Best Email Marketing Tools


While there are many email marketing tools that will help you focus more on your campaigns- there are only a few actually worth considering. 

According to some industry analysts, Black Friday email marketing can be challenging. 33% of retailers reportedly had an outage due to technical issues. Furthermore, over 25% of the e-commerce websites completely crashed or failed to load at all on Black Friday. As such, many marketers avoid this day altogether. But does it have to be so ticklish?

Black Friday is a seasonal event, and your emails need to reflect that. Start planning your campaign ahead of time. So you can decide which emails you want to send and when you intend to send them. 

Take enough time to conduct a thorough analysis of who your target audience is and figure out what kind of content they are going to be interested in receiving from you in advance.

Conducting such research can take plenty of time if you do not have the right toolkit handy. As a digital marketing associate, I would suggest Mailgaze for your every email marketing need.

What Can Mailgaze Do For You?

With Mailgaze, it is easier to execute email marketing campaigns. Follow me in these few points to understand why you need Mailgaze.

  • Mailgaze lets you spy on your competitor’s emails so that you can carry out your campaigns in a more accomplished way.
  • Research on various email campaigns to get an idea of what is working in a particular niche.
  • With Mailgaze, you can conduct Target audience research.
  • Search for appropriate emails using comprehensive search filters.
  • Compose Emails with utmost ease and post them to your target audience in one go.
  • Get to know when your emails get opened by your customers.
  • You can know when they clicked anywhere in your sent email.
  • Keep track of the customers interested in your products and services.

The Wrap!


The day after Thanksgiving is also called Black Friday. This day witnesses an unprecedented shopping festival across the globe, with major retailers offering unimaginable deals that are impossible to resist. The fun continues on Cyber Monday, the first day of Cyber Week.

The importance of Email Marketing Tools as part of a festive Email Marketing Strategy

This year as we approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ve seen several brands utilize email marketing strategies to increase their customer’s engagement and drive purchases.

We all know that this year will be great in terms of shopping and celebrations. So why waste any minute worrying about email marketing campaigns. 

Get yourself the convenience of Mailgaze with only $9.99 per month on a Basic plan this Black Friday. Festive season is here, so gear-up and hit this shopping season to its fullest. 

Happy Black Friday!
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