Mailgaze: The Best Email Service – 2021 Year In Review

Phew! 2021 was one hell of a year with lots of ups and downs. But did it stop us from helping companies to carve their way amidst COVID-19? Hell NO! At Mailgaze, it was a year of progress and gratitude as we assisted businesses in adapting and improving consumer experiences with our best email service.

We love to help our clients with the best free email service and ensure to do so in the future as well. It was nothing short of a busy year for our customers. Therefore, we worked hard throughout the year to provide an impactful email solution through our blog and to do our best to cover every relevant issue in the blog section for our readers.

So, after a rollercoaster year, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights in this year in review. Check out our top-performing blogs that you might have missed, so it’s time for you to catch up.

Let’s go.

1- Email is one of the most effective marketing tools we have. However, it is vital to have plans capable of hooking your subscribers with them in order for it to be effective, and newsletters are something you should tilt your focus into:

Therefore, if you are not aware of where to get started with the email newsletters, you can quickly have a look at this blog. This blog gives you an overview of what a newsletter is, the importance of a newsletter, and the steps to create a successful newsletter.

How To Create Successful Email Newsletters | 09 Steps To Boost Your Email Marketing Game

2- The design of your email can make or destroy your customer connection. In addition, email templates allow you to include your brand within the template itself. All the colours, logo, and design existing inside the template is how you can decide to scale your email marketing. 

So, if you are still struggling to create winning email templates for business- this is your time to shine. Check out this blog to know the ins and outs of email templates.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Email Templates

3- While trying to read and respond to emails more quickly, we must recall basic email etiquette. However, today’s email etiquette is vastly different from that of twenty years ago. Therefore, read this article to learn how to compose a well-crafted email with etiquette using the best Email service, which can make a positive difference for your email marketing.

16 Email Etiquette Rules Every Professional Should Follow

4- Email scams and frauds are the most widespread kind of cybercrime. The wicked forces of the Internet utilise emails to lure people into their frauds.

Therefore, we tried to compile a list of the best Email Tracking Apps to help you protect your company’s trade secrets, blueprints, prospective transactions, and marketing plans.

Check out:

6 Best Email Spy Tool for Gmail

5- It can be a hard nut to crack to success in email marketing campaigns. However, we made sure to fill your email campaigns with success in 2022 highlighting all the key strategies to scale up your business.

To dig deeper, in this article, we will discuss every tip from what is email marketing, the best practises, and how to nail email marketing in 2022? All suggestions and tactics included. So why wait? check out now!

Pro Email Marketing Tips To Outstand Your Business In 2022

6- We understand how difficult it is to come up with new ideas and put them into action when you have a lot on your mind. But what about spying on competitors to get things done? Spying on a competitor’s email demands a lot of time and effort, as well as a strategic approach. 

Therefore, head on to this blog to easily develop a competitor’s email spying approach.

A Definitive Guide To Spying on Competitors Marketing Emails- Pros & Cons

7- We hold immense value for our customers & our motive behind this post is to make sure our readers pick the best email service provider in 2022. 

So, if you are into email marketing and getting started- this blog is what you need to ample your skills and ace email marketing. 

How To Pick The Best Email Providers In 2022?

8- Since the festive season was around the corner at this time. The team of Mailgaze was very upfront with the blogs specific to certain festivals. 

So we started off with a Halloween blog. 

Check out:

Best 07 Spooky Email Blast Ideas For This Halloween

This blog is all about Email blasts. When correctly planned and executed, email blasts can be a potent approach. Therefore, this article contains all of the essential strategies for ensuring the success of your email blast.

9- Moving on to the next festive blog, we have a Diwali-themed blog. Since Diwali is a great time for your effective email marketing campaigns, we came up with creative Diwali mail ideas to put an end to your worries.

Check out for more creative mail ideas:

5 Diwali Creative Mail Ideas To Enkindle Festive Spirit Among Folks

10- Next up, it was Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving is a time of spending time with your family, marketers often get busy with drafting perfect email templates with offers and deals for their customers.

So, we came up with a blog that addresses all of the pertinent topics, & answers all the crucial questions such as what is the best time to send thanksgiving emails? & what are the best tips to create the most graceful emails for your clients?

What are you waiting for? Check out the blog!

Grace Your Clients With Beautiful Thanksgiving Emails in 2021

11- Black Friday is most likely to be packed with customers. However, you may not be able to get through with typical marketing efforts. Whereas there are ways to get your clients’ attention and drive them to visit your store. 

Therefore, in this blog, we stated how one can ace their email marketing on Black Friday along with stating how important it is to do email Marketing during Black Friday.

Top 8 Crucial Email Marketing Tactics For Black Friday

12- The mega shopping season starts from Halloween and ends with Christmas. With said that- Christmas is the perfect time for marketers and advertising. Therefore, being the best email service we definitely didn’t sit back and come up with a blog to leave no rock hidden in order to miss this chance to gain the love of their audiences and users.

Fascinating Christmas Newsletter Ideas To Nail The Email Campaigns

This blog is all about highlighting newsletters. We included the importance & steps on how to create Email Newsletters from the scratch & underlined the features of Mailgaze that can help you with email marketing. Also, if you are looking for happy new year email templates, Mailgaze can be your true ally.

So, that was all about the top-notch blogs that we posted throughout this year. We tried to deliver all the information, recommendations, & strategies while also making your reading time fun. We will ensure to serve you in 2022 as well. Being said that, Mailgaze will also try to make progress and work on new & advanced features to help our clients at their best. 

Comment down about your favourite post amongst all the above-mentioned posts. Also, if you want to gain some insights on another topic, feel free to comment, and we would be more than happy to cover them.

Until next time, Happy new year.

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