Lead Generation Email Best Practices 2022

When you ask your prospects to fill in a lead capture form, you’re participating in lead generation. Sounds simple, yet many businesses don’t bother to participate in this effective lead generation email marketing strategy.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is one of the most effective marketing strategies initiated to build consumer interest in products or services, created for list building, e-newsletter list acquisition, or sales leads.

Lead generation falls under the advertising domain, including non-paid sources like organic search results or referrals from existing customers.

Lead Generation Strategy

A lead generation strategy is a highly targeted, specific plan to attract and convert new leads for a positive impact on your revenue.

Ways to Generate Lead-

1. Email Marketing

2. SEO

3. SEM

4. Site Retargeting

5. Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.)

Steps Involved in Lead Generations-

  • Create amazing content, promote your brand on social media, and guest blog on other websites (to generate traffic).
  • Invite prospects to share email addresses.
  • Offer an incredible lead magnet to convince them to convert.
  • Email your prospects regularly.

What is Email Lead Generation

Email marketing is a low-key, cost-effective, and low-stress lead generation strategy practiced to stay in touch with leads and lead nurturing. The end goal of lead generation is to convince your prospect to hand over their contact information, which is email addresses mostly. 

A lead generation email initiates communication to promote your products and build partnerships in the B2B sector. It is an effective marketing strategy, keeping in mind a target audience to increase sales for your products.

B2B lead generation strategies somewhat differ from B2C practices, but there’s a close alignment between the two.

13 Lead Generation Email Best Practices

Basics of  Lead Generation Email-

  1. Catchy Subject Line – 

An effective subject line will spike intrigue and curiosity among the subscribers, so make sure to have a catchy subject line of your lead generation email.

Grabbing someone’s attention in an inbox can be challenging but make sure you have an email subject line (without coming off as too spammy.) that subscribers open their email. 

  1. Clean & Simple Design – 

Be mindful in selecting the design of your email, there is a time and place for both HTML and text.

HTML has more of a marketing feel (newsletters, event invitations, etc.), while text-only emails can feel more personalized.

3. Engaging Content

For a successful email lead generation campaign, get your most important message across quickly and easy to read. Use bold fonts and bulleted lists so your content is easy to scan. 

You should also add an intriguing call-to-action to drive your reader to more detailed content and offers.

Lead Generation Email Best Practices


1. Monitor Your Competition

Lead generation is a strategic, planned way to generate business and increase revenue for your business. Although copying is not recommended, monitor your competitor’s strategies to outwit them and bring something better to the table.

From user experience to visuals, copywriting to web designing, and social media strategies, everything should be monitored to provide better service and win the market game. It is healthy to know what they are upto!

By monitoring the email marketing programs of your niche, you can learn about the market trends, what strategies are working and what is not, and what are the offers and incentives that grabs attention, and what is the content consumption.

You can learn the specific details, target those audiences, and they will appreciate your knowledge and may turn into a successful conversion.

Such close monitoring of email marketing programs is made possible through email intelligence spy tools like Mailgaze that help you monitoring, tracking, and analyzing the competitor’s emails for better suggestions for your email marketing campaigns to outwit the competition.

Best Email Spy Tool-Mailgaze

It helps you get the best ROI (return on investment) in your email marketing program by uncovering and accessing your competitors’ emails to help you understand how they utilize emails.

Mailgaze lets you have powerful searches to locate emails, filter ads, and bookmark your favourite emails to supercharge your email campaigns through its interesting email strategies for lead generations.

2. Use Email Drip Campaigns

Drip Marketing-Best Lead Generation Email Strategy

One of the best lead generation email strategies is drip marketing, composed of multiple emails sent out at specific times and dates. 

An effective email marketing program doesn’t end with a lead capture page. Upon signing up to your email list through a form, customers will receive the emails regularly until the campaign ends. It is nurturing your leads toward a successful conversion- a sale.

Lead generation email drip campaigns guide the customer toward the end goal, building on the last,  developing a rapport by serving up the right content to engage them.

You might test to find the appropriate schedule for your audience.

You can start with a welcome email, followed by a roundup of your best blog posts for your email list, and slowly grow into an established authority in your niche.

Slowly you can race up your marketing campaign by offering incentives, talk about products, or share unique insights about your industry. 

Finally, offer the best incentive and set a deadline for availing the opportunity to have a successful conversion.

3. Automate Your Email Campaigns

Automate Your Email Marketing

Automation lets you spend less time on marketing with the added advantage of email lead generation. Automation eliminates manual struggle.

Once you automate your email marketing, you won’t have to worry about sending emails at the preferred times or writing emails in a rush.

If you’re running your email lead generation strategy without automation, you have to manually type each email, add the addresses and send the emails. 

Email automation is a “set it and forget it” approach to email marketing by automatically sending your emails to specific segments at fixed times through a software service used to automate email sending.

It doesn’t mean you should not test your email marketing strategy automation only facilitates the scheduling of email sending, not a strategy. Test different copies, images, and other elements to see what works best.

Send  Right Emails at the Right Time by Using Right Triggers Like-

  • Signing up for your email list
  • Registering for your webinar
  • Buying a product
  • Subscribing to a service

When these triggers occur, a response email gets sent to the individual. It’s a highly targeted strategy that allows you to capitalize on a particular event.

4. Perform Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring Helps You Prioritize

Lead scoring helps you prioritize your leads and reach the right people at the right time to create a  balance in marketing.

Lead scoring allows you to predict which of your leads are most likely to become customers. The highest priority leads are at the bottom of your sales funnel. In other words, they’re ready to convert.

Suppose one of your leads visits your website for purchase, looks over your product for some time, watches a demo video, checks the price but clicks away after a while. You can show a page takeover at this very moment, called ‘exit popup’, offering an interesting discount offer for future purchases.

5. Nurture your Leads with Amazing Content

Content Marketing

Customers are more likely to engage with unique, exceptional content value in each email. You can share an e-book or an interesting video through email lead generation and delight your customers with amazing content, thus, increasing customer engagement and establishing a bond.

6. Use Interesting Email Subject Lines

Use Interesting Email Subject Lines

Interesting email subject lines make it difficult for people to click on the “delete” button.

Ensure you grab customer’s attention through a catchy phrase or line!

You can upgrade a boring subject line by changing the verbs and adjectives.

For example- A regular subject line  offering a discount promotion says, “Get 60% percent off only for today.”

You can tweak it to-

  • Want an amazing [product]?  Go Grab your 60% discount coupon now!
  • Read for exceptional [result]?

The bold & italic words above spice up a boring subject line.

7. Make Sure your Emails have a Clean Design

Email marketing doesn’t need to be flashy. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Focus on delivering clean, easy-to-read emails.

8. Add a Strong Call To Action on Your Emails to Increase Conversions

A Powerful CTA Increase Odds of Conversions

Your CTA is the chance you’ve been waiting for!

If you want your customers to click, make your  CTA as unique and actionable as possible. Use creative language to attract their attention and convince them to follow through.

The best call-to-action phrases spur your readers into action by incorporating an element of urgency, mystery, or excitement. 

9. Encourage Your subscribers to Forward your Emails

A good lead generation email marketing should encourage the subscribers to share your emails among their contact email lists. This will not only might help you in lead generation and successful conversions but can also provide word-of-mouth publicity for your brand. These days word-of-mouth is forwarding an email that works equally good for branding.

10. Offer Content Upgrades or Gated Content to Your Email List

Content upgrades and gated content are like freemium products.

Suppose you’ve published a huge article with  25,000 words, great videos, tons of imagery and great data. You can put it behind a’ lead capture wall’ to continue reading by asking for their contact information before they get to access the whole article on your website. 

You can earn profit from that article by asking for contact information instead of money.

11. Promote Your Social Media Channels to Your Email List and Vice Versa

Promote Your Social Media Channels

Growth hacking involves taking advantage of existing assets to build your marketing empire.

You can use the traffic on your website by promoting your social media channels on your blogs or by sharing your content on your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

In your emails, include links to your social profiles. Similarly, promote your email list on your social platforms. This way, you’re taking advantage of traffic no matter where it moves.

12. Incentivize Current Email Subscribers to Refer Friends in Exchange for Discounts or Exclusive Benefits


You can take advantage of existing email subscribers by incentivizing referrals.They might get a free download, a small discount off a future purchase, free shipping on a future order, or some other benefit.

Instead of asking them to buy your products, ask them to refer email subscribers.

Make sure it’s worth the time and energy to promote your email list to their friends and family members by offering unique content and offers.

13. Create a Sense of Urgency and Scarcity in Your Exclusive Benefits

Create a Sense of Urgency in Exclusive Benefits

Urgency and scarcity are the most powerful marketing tactics!

When you’re promoting your email list, create urgency and scarcity through your CTAs. The phrases “rush now” and “join now” are the best options.

Just make sure you’re transparent and honest with your CTAs. If there aren’t limited quantities available, don’t say they are. And if you plan to run the promotion for longer durations, don’t say that it will close soon.

Why Email Marketing Beats Social Media in Lead Generation

Email marketing beats every other high-performing social media tactic, hands down!

Email lead generation is the highest performing digital media tactic for boosting acquisition, increasing conversions, and building awareness.

72% of the business community in the U.S. prefer receiving communication from businesses via email. That means lead generation email campaigns will always be prioritized and get more conversions than other social media campaigns.

The best online lead generation companies perform most of their marketing through email campaigns to stimulate buyers and get them interested in your products. This interest will add them to your sales pipeline as a qualified lead. 

Why Email Marketing is the Best-

  • Help you generate leads and make sales
  • You can segregate and personalize your email list.
  • Help you build credibility and rapport with the customers.
  • Email keeps you on top by providing great ROI (return on investment).
  • Email marketing provides you full control.
  • Emails Are Personal And Customized 

Emailing is more personal and customized than any social media digital media tactic. Emails are customized much better than websites, and you know your target audience, making it easier to segment your emails list into different customer avatars.

The best place to start building trust is your welcome email, many marketers underrate email marketing and don’t place sufficient value on the welcome email or skip it entirely. 

Marketing automation allows better lead generation through email marketing by creating nurture campaigns, testing and tweaking each email sent and monitoring, and measuring email results at a more granular level.

Tips for  Lead Generation Email Campaigns

Lead Generation Email Tricks for Facebook

Each of the social media sites provides ample opportunities to start your sales cycle by penetrating the market, nurturing lead generation activities, and amplifying your brand presence.

How to Generate Leads on Facebook?

  • Run sweepstakes – Build excitement around your products or services by hosting email-gated sweepstakes or Facebook contests to generate leads.

Facebook provides a great platform to spread the word among a large community by interacting with your prospective customers through contests or live chats. You can generate leads for your email marketing and grab attention among the users.

  • Give Email-Gated Discounts – Coupons generate sharing, immediate sales, and more lead generation email for your business. Host coupons or group coupons on your Facebook page to drive customer  engagement and get more leads for your email marketing campaigns.
  • Post Links to an Email-Gated Landing Page – Include email-gated content as part of your regular scheduled content on Facebook. If you have a webinar, exclusive deal, or eBook available, inform your email/ Facebook subscribers about the event in advance and build curiosity around it, so that they attend.. Direct them back to your email-gated landing page on your website.
  • Make a Newsletter Sign-up Tab – Create a customized newsletter tab on your Facebook Page, to make it easy for your subscribers to receive your amazing content. Give away exceptional offers to grab their attention and engagement.
  • Host a Facebook Event With Your Own Email-Gated Landing Page – Use your own email-gated landing page for RSVP’s (i.e. don’t use Facebook’s event RSVP app – which doesn’t give you email lead generation options), to a live event. Make it an exclusive and enticing event to generate tons of new leads.


Lead Generation  Email tricks for Twitter

  • Host an Email-Gated Contest – You can run a contest on Twitter, like- photo contests, video contests to increase customer participation. This will create excitement among the users, and you can gain leads for your email marketing program. Additionally, you can offer great prize money or some discount for the winners of the contest.
  • Use Your Bio to Link to an Email-Gated Landing Page – Many businesses underrated the power of social media. Update your Twitter bio to include a clickable link to a popular landing page on your website. Make a strong CTA(call-to-action) statement to improve your click-through rates.
  • Entice Emails With Coupons – Host your business coupons directly on Twitter. Email-gate your coupons to generate leads from prospective consumers.
  • Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards – Try out Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards to get emails from your website landing pages. 
  • Post Links to Email-Gated Content – Provide free content on your website. You could host an informative webinar, produce a product related ebook, or compile product tips in a PDF. Ask subscribers to download for free with an email, instead of money Post updates on Twitter with  appropriate hashtags to get it spread.

Lead Generation Email Trick for PINTEREST

  • Create a “Free Stuff” Board – Pin updates on your “free stuff” Board linking back to your email-gated content. Use keywords in your pin descriptors to get your content found by interested people using Pinterest search.
  • Offer Exclusive Deals – Create coupons on your website, give them away for the cost of an email, and pin your great deals to your Pinners. Most of the repinned content on Pinterest are deals and coupons.
  • Host a “Pin it to Win it” Contest – Create a “ Pin it to Win it” contest to an email-gated landing page on your website.
  • Entice Pinners with Images – Pinterest is a visual site, make sure when you pin links to email-gated content, they’re visually appealing and connect with your market on the site. Use relevant  images  of lifestyle, food, crafts, and fashion.
  • Use Rich Pins – Pinterest has a Rich Pins collection with real-time updates from your website. For example, product rich pins show the price of your products and are automatically updated if you change them on your website.

 Rich Pins increase click-through rates. Use them to drive more traffic to your email-gated content.

Lead Generation Email  Tricks for INSTAGRAM

  • Host an Instagram Photo Contest – Instagram is about photo sharing, you can cater to this feature by running a photo sharing contest with specific hashtags  to extend the reach and searchability of your campaign. Email-gate it to get the lead generation email.
  • Events – Post photos of  events you’ve hosted, and promote upcoming events. Show photos of formal events and give your Instagram followers an exclusive behind the scenes look for building rapport. Send traffic to an RSVP landing page for customers to reserve their spot via email.
  • Give Email-Gated Coupons – Use hashtags, including product and campaign tags.

When  promoting your email-gated coupons on Instagram, include an authentic image of a real customer to add value to your email marketing campaign.

  • Geo-Tag Your Updates – Instagram is a mobile social sharing site. Use geo-tagging to promote engagement with your locale, and drive more traffic to your email-gated events and landing pages.
  • Focus On Your Customers – Engage with your followers by sharing their photos, tagging them in your updates, and quickly responding to all comments made about your brand. This will create personal bonds and you will emerge as a responsible company who understands the needs of your niche on this site. Slowly you can post email-gated content to get lead generation email.

Wrap Up

Lead generation strategies must  implement the right blend of content, social media, and lead generation email strategies to promote and attract new customers.

Each of the best practices for lead generation shared above  has been proven to be effective over time, for small and medium-sized businesses. Implement them to experience growing customer engagement and increase in revenue.

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