How Mailgaze will Change Email Marketing Services Scenario

Email marketing is an effective marketing channel to promote your products or services to create brand awareness by integrating them into your marketing automation efforts.

Email marketing services seek to achieve trust-building, loyalty, and brand awareness through emails to send advertisements,  request business, or solicit sales or donations. 

It is significant in lead generation, brand awareness, customer relationships, and customer engagement.

Email marketing informs the customers on your email list about new products, announcements, discounts, and other services while building a brand value for your products and keeping the customer engaged.

Why Use Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services give you complete control, are easy to manage, and allows you to establish direct contact with customers. It is a must use marketing strategy because-

  • Email forces the user to take action until it’s read, deleted, or archived.
  • You can monitor, track, and analyze competitor’s email.
  • It is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. 
  • It helps you drive traffic to your blogs and social media channels.
  • You can target users by demographics.
  • Good marketing email services provide you the best ROI (return on investment).

We need to understand that success in email marketing largely depends upon the email marketing software we choose. If not careful while selecting, we will end up paying for unnecessary features or fewer marketing features that serve no purpose in gazing through competitor’s email marketing campaigns.

Mailgaze- The Best Email Marketing Service


Mailgaze is changing the email marketing scenario by providing email intelligence at your fingertips. It is one of the best email marketing services in the market available to analyze your competitor’s marketing strategies.

Mailgaze can help you craft a winning marketing campaign by monitoring, tracking, and analyzing the competitor’s emails for better suggestions to outwit the competition.

It helps you optimize, build, and design your email marketing to get the best ROI (return on investment) in your marketing program by uncovering and accessing your competitors’ emails to help you understand how they utilize emails.

You can use these insights with better strategies to connect with the audience, drive conversions, and boost retention. (Refer to the image below)


Mailgaze Features


Mailgaze At a Glance-

  • Intuitive Dashboard– It’s an Intuitive dashboard that chooses less but gives better results. 
  • Real-Time Reports & Insights– Mailgaze provides instant analysis of your competitors strategies through easy to understand graphs, accurate reports, relevant links and much more.
  • Powerful Filter Modes– Its powerful filter modes target your email searches with a detailed search mode that cuts the clutter, micro-target, and narrow down the searches for better clarity on reports.
  • Advanced Bookmarking– You can save your favourite campaigns for later use and get creative inspirations anytime you need from the best available in the market.
  • Best Landing Pages– Use filters to target landing pages and find the best landing pages and URLs linked with your campaigns.
  • 24*7 Support– A great email marketing is known by its quick customer support and Mailgaze is providing 24*7 customer support 365 days.

Features to Supercharge Your Email Campaigns-

  1. Powerful Search Process– Mailgaze’s powerful search bar helps you find emails of your competitors by keywords, domain, advertiser, text in image, object in image, and celebrity & brand in image.
  2. Locate emails faster- You can easily find emails between a certain date range.
  3. Filter Ads smartly- Furthermore, filter the emails by country, gender, and age to get the most relevant information for optimising your email marketing campaigns.
  4. Bookmark your favorite emails- You can bookmark your favorite or most in use email for future needs.

Why Mailgaze


Any email marketing services in the market are useless, if they are not providing you with a complete evaluation on marketing trends to outwit your competition, and that is where Mailgaze takes the game one notch up!

Mailgaze lets you have powerful searches to locate emails, filter ads, and bookmark your favourite emails to supercharge your email campaigns through its interesting email strategies.

The user-friendly interface of Mailgaze lets you perform a comprehensive search with filtering capabilities to help you find emails you need to know about for the good..

Also, it is one of the best email spy tools for Gmail that allows you to evaluate email trends without sacrificing your privacy.

Furthermore, it saves money on A/B testing.

Main Advantages of Mailgaze-

  • Save money on email campaign testing.
  • Scout the competition’s brands.
  • Discover new email strategies
  • Browse email by what’s important.

Mailgaze’s cutting-edge technology will provide insights to track, analyze, and report your competitor’s email marketing performance and strategy to let you know what works in the market to grow your sales, audience, and engagement. 

You will act more strategically, connect with your consumers, and swiftly prevail with every send through Mailgaze.


Track– You can track a company by selecting its name and view their specific data and emails they have sent.

Analyse– View key metrics at the click of a button. For example you can check the date of sending, date of email received etc.

Report– Also, you can get access to the detailed reports of your competitors’ emails to understand their strategies and market performance.

Search by Keywords-

It lets you search emails by popular keywords in the industry and provide the results as per your selected criteria.


Search by Domain-


You can begin your search by typing in a domain name and find emails of any business you need information about in seconds.

Search by Text in the Image-

Also, you can find emails related to your business needs by the text in the image.


Search By Object in the Image-

And by the objects in the image as well!

search-by-objects-in images

Locate Emails Quickly-

Find emails with Mailgaze’s search mode between a specific date range. You can even create a custom range as per your needs.


Filter Emails-

You can uncover competitors’ emails by filtering them by countries, age, and gender to get the most relevant data for improving your email marketing campaigns.


Mailgaze is making email marketing simple and inexpensive through its robust features that are all set to help businesses of all sizes grow to greater heights. Their powerful solutions let you hone your CRM and marketing strategies.


Mailgaze collects information and data in seconds to help you understand your niche without investing a large sum of money on A/B testing.


Undoubtedly, Mailgaze is the all-in-one email marketing service solution for your business needs, without which all other marketing services can fail. Mailgaze develops tools with a great focus on client’s requirements, privacy, and security needs to help you become more productive and race ahead of your competition.

Mailgaze focuses on helping businesses build relevant email marketing campaigns that are relevant to their audiences, content, and niche. 

It is assisting the marketers with their growing needs by cutting the expenses, time, and energy to gather relevant data for business success.




Mailgaze offers three plans depending upon your needs and priorities. They have a Basic plan for 9.99$ per month, a Standard plan for 19.99$ per month, and a Premium plan for 29.99 $ per month.

They customize your plans as per your need and offer a plethora of features for Gmail service even in their basic and standard plans.

Each category serves many email marketing services requirements, so choose carefully according to your business and team requirements.

Mailgaze Basic Plan Offerings

  • Keyword search
  • Email preview
  • Date interval search
  • Competitor email monitoring

Mailgaze Standard plan offerings

  • Keyword search
  • Email preview
  • Date interval search
  • Competitor email monitoring
  • Bookmark
  • Advertiser
  • Domain search
  • Filter by country
  • Filter by age
  • Sender analytics
  • Mailer analytics
  • Header download
  • HTML download

Mailgaze Premium plan offerings

  • Keyword search
  • Email preview
  • Date interval search
  • Competitor email monitoring
  • Bookmark
  • Advertiser
  • Domain search
  • Filter by country
  • Filter by age
  • Sender analytics
  • Mailer analytics
  • Header download
  • HTML download
  • Affiliate Network
  • Tracking system
  • Ecommerce platform
  • Funnel

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Wrap Up

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies for businesses, and having the right email marketing tool by your side can impact the success or failure of your marketing campaigns.

Mailgaze can help you create user engagement, grow your business through lead generation, brand awareness, and loyalty without wasting huge money on A/B testing marketing campaigns.

It is a powerful email marketing services solution to accentuate your marketing strategies by providing successful conversions, thus enhancing the sales and revenue for your business.

Mailgaze improves the results of your campaigns through analytics and performance tracking by uncovering everything- from automation and segmentation to contact relationship management( CRM) and reporting. 

These tools exist to make lives easier for business owners, so find the one with easy-to-use features and desired functionality to improve performance and revenue.

We at Mailgaze help you grow by optimizing, building, and designing your email marketing to get the best ROI(return on investment) in your marketing program!

Leave your marketing worries on Mailgaze and see the difference in results! Try Mailgaze now-


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