Email List Building: 7 Powerful Tips For Building Email List

You’ve undoubtedly heard how important email list building is. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “the money is in the list,” or you’ve just studied enough about email marketing strategy to know it’s the most effective approach to contact your consumers.

However, there is a slight issue. You are unaware of the secret sauce for increasing sign ups. You’ve probably heard of email registration forms and lead generation. But you’re unsure what you can do to get folks to fill out your registration forms and subscribe to your email newsletter.

You’re not alone. Everyone wants to expand their email list since contacting clients is the most effective method. Continue reading for 7 tried-and-true building email list strategies.

What Is A Email List Building?

An email list is a collection of individual email addresses to whom you have the authorization to send email marketing campaigns and which are typically kept with an email service provider.

Users may opt into an e-commerce email list for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Discovering more about an organization;
  • Receiving pertinent offers;
  • Receiving product launch updates;
  • Using a promotional code;
  • Getting hold of a lead magnet;

And much more.

While customers are motivated to join an email list, you may wonder, “What’s in it for me as an e-commerce marketer?”

Why Build an Email List?


Maybe because everyone else is doing it?

For at least two reasons, the answer is both yes and no:

  • Not everyone is doing it correctly.
  • If everyone else is doing the same thing, you must do something different to distinguish.

But there’s a more significant reason to establish an email list: not everyone who visits your website is ready to purchase from you.

Prospects are in different phases of the buying process. Some are well-versed in your goods, while others have just recently learned of you.

You can convince every prospect at every level of your sales funnel if you have a well-segmented email list brimming with leads.

You may also allow subscribers to become purchasers and buyers to become recurring customers.

While there are several ways to do something wrong, there are only a few methods to get it right. That is what we will discuss in the next chapter.

How To Build An Email List

There are several methods for building an email list.

But if we’ve learned anything from evaluating over a billion popup experiences, some function better than others.

With that in mind, here are 7 list-building tactics used by major e-commerce firms today.

1. Provide a Discount

It’s a narrow line to walk when offering visitors a discount in return for their email address.

People will begin to expect if you give anything out for free too often. If you ignore it entirely, customers will likely lose interest in your brand or go on to a rival.

Offering discounts to specific user categories, such as new visitors, is one method to achieve a balance without discounting everyone.

2. Provide a Discount on a Specific Page

Aside from new visitors, another user category to consider targeting is visitors reading a specific page, such as your checkout.

With seven out of every ten visitors departing their cart, it makes sense to provide abandoned visitors with a tailored, checkout-specific incentive to finish their buy.

3. Provide a Page-Specific Discount Depending on Basket Size

It’s not always possible to increase a prospect’s average order value without coming off as “salesy.”

It’s much more straightforward when you provide a page-specific discount depending on basket size.

This is how it works:

When a website visitor adds a product to their basket—a pair of socks—you use a page-specific popup to encourage them to add more to get a discount.

Create an equivalent campaign.

Targeting visitors based on their basket size enhances your average order value and provides them with a more customized browsing experience.

4. Provide an Incentive

You’ve probably heard that new website visitors should not be sent a newsletter.

However, it is critical to note that poor conversion rates are seldom the result of the newsletter itself, and it’s more about the newsletter’s stance.

Offering a newsletter is typically enough to develop a solid email list if your text excites and educates the reader of the advantages of subscribing.


5. Provide a Content-Specific Bonus

Everyone has heard about content upgrades.

Yes, they’re beneficial and can boost conversions by up to 28.83 percent…

Can they, however, be used by online retailers?

Definitely yes.

6. Exclude current subscribers from email pop ups

Let’s face it: no one wants a company to invite them to join a newsletter they already subscribe to.

Despite this, many online shops retarget returning visitors—even if they already have their email addresses.

That is not an ideal environment to begin a new relationship.

Make an exception by not allowing current email subscribers to view newsletter popups. Then, develop a campaign inviting them to explore a popular product page, participate in a contest, or take another action that takes them down your funnel.

For example, if you’re an apparel store, you might greet returning subscribers with a popup inviting them to peruse your newest arrivals.

Create a comparable campaign.

It’s a minor adjustment, but as we’ve seen with many clients, it significantly impacts the user’s experience and your bottom line.

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7. Use this Black Friday marketing strategy for your next holiday campaign.

It’s no secret that Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year…

And the most lucrative.

According to one recent study, the typical adult spends $483.18 only on Black Friday.

That’s a lot of money to make during the Christmas season.

Unsurprisingly, many internet shops build-up to the big day as much as possible.

It also makes sense:

Building anticipation improves the possibility that prospects will indulge on the big day by telling them what to anticipate, such as how much they will save.

Every November, the leather goods manufacturer Bellroy organizes a one-of-a-kind Black Friday promotion…

It’s also an excellent approach to increasing your subscription base.

Bottom Line

Email list building remains the top of the most popular and successful marketing tactics even in 2022. Email marketing excels at engaging with consumers on a personal level. Curated and highly tailored email lists will almost certainly bring recurring business to your eCommerce website.

Remember to carefully choose and examine the landing page you use to collect email addresses and the strategy you employ to create your email list. A test and learn method works well, so don’t be scared to experiment.

These seven tactics should hopefully give you a good starting point for efficiently developing your email list and reaching out to your target audience. Link building is just the beginning.

Once you have their email address and your list of subscribers grows, you will need an efficient email marketing plan to keep them interested and as paying clients. Your next difficulty will be to send highly relevant segmented and targeted emails and don’t forget about your email call to action.

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