A Basic Guide To Email Drip Campaign

Marketing experts always prefer email as one of the best options to connect with consumers. Do you know the reason why? Many marketers start their email drip campaigns to get the audiences’ attention and gain more subscribers to their list. By delivering emails to the most relevant audiences, they not only generate more leads for their business but also gain better sales conversions.

Isn’t that great! In today’s marketing landscape, the buyers hold more power. So if your marketing could control the mood of buyers’ intent, it might help you gain a regular flow in your sales funnel. An email drip marketing campaign is the best way to achieve that.

Here we are showing you how the drip campaign works and how it can help you to bring more opportunities for your business.

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But first, you should know more about email drip campaigns.

What Is An Email Drip Campaign?

From drip marketing, the word itself tells you about how it works. In such campaigns, you need to deliver emails to relevant audiences at a regular interval time. The drip emails nurture the interest of relevant audiences by offering them discounts, free trials and other benefits.

Nowadays, there are many email automation solutions, which let you send emails in an autopilot mode to reach potential targets at a specific date and time.  Using such a feature, you can send a series of pre- written lucrative emails  to your target audiences that may become your potential customers.

How To Create Effective Email Drip Campaigns?

To create an effective email drip campaign, you need to focus on two main things- relevance and timing. Suppose your emails satisfy the user’s intent, then there is quite a chance that they may click and convert as well. That’s the reason why marketers try to analyze the purchasing behavior of their target audiences. And it helps them to learn about the pain points of their potential customers.

From research, we found that drip campaigns are really effective, and when done in the right way, it can increase the rate of email opening (more than 70%) and click-through rates (more than 30%) compared to a normal mass email campaign.

Don’t you want to know how a drip-email campaign can be more effective than a mass email campaign? For that you need to understand the difference between them.

Difference Between Drip Email Campaigns and Mass Email Campaigns?

Mass email campaigns and drip email campaigns both may seem similar. In both cases, you can automate sending multiple emails to your audiences. But in the case of mass email campaigns, marketers target each and every contact. And most of them may not even reply back. On the other hand, when you target a relevant audience using drip emails to cause lead generation, it nurtures those leads into potential conversion opportunities.


In simple terms, a drip campaign targets relevant audiences to ensure delivering the right content (intent-based offers/deals) at the right time. Here we are showing you some more reasons why you should opt for a drip email marketing campaign.

Why Should You Consider Email Drip Campaign?

Now after understanding how email drip campaigns work, you should know why you need drip campaigns in your email marketing. Drip campaigns can help you in-

  • Building the list of your subscribers
  • Segmenting them based on their intent.
  • Automating most of your time-consuming tasks (sending emails)
  • Better audience engagement
  • Retargeting potential prospects to reduce cart abandonment and increase renewals.
  • Build your brand awareness, getting better reach and connection.

Let’s discuss some of these benefits in detail-

Benefits of Drip Campaigns

Create List of Subscribers 

Those who have shown their interest in your products may also subscribe to your mail list. Thereby you can create a list of users who might want to try out your products or services for a better deal. Some of them may have also tried your products earlier or services, and some may want to try and wait for a better deal. While using the drip campaigns, you will connect with such users, and by offering them deals based on their expectations, you would bring more sales for your business.

Segment Your Audience Based On Their Buying Interest

Drip marketing can help you to lure potential prospects and convert them into real deals. In the process of lead generation, nurturing cold leads to warm leads and then converting them into sales, drip emails can be really effective. There you can categorize  audiences in different segments based on their intents and target them accordingly to gain better results.

Automate Your Emails

Writing and sending lots of emails to each individual is a time-taking process. That’s the reason why, in the email drip campaign, you can make use of email automation tools. These are the tools that let you set your email campaigns on an auto-pilot mode, where you need to make an initial effort on drafting an email. And the rest of the process will be done by an email automation tool.


Better Audience Engagement

Do you know the reason why drip email marketing gets quite a success? The answer is simple- because it helps you gain better reach and connection with audiences that you can convert into potential prospects. In fact, according to a survey report, we found that drip emails increase the CTR (click-through rate) by 119%, which is quite amazing.

By proactively sending emails to the relevant audience, you are already showing them favor with the best offers and lucrative deals. In return, it would help you to gain the trust of your prospects. And eventually, it would bring more and more sales opportunities for your business.

Conversion Cycle With Repeat Sales

The drip campaign didn’t end with just getting conversions, as it also helps you with the retargeting prospect. People who have already committed to your brand or those who are not, sure enough, can be again retargeted using the drip campaign. If you fulfill the conditions based on the prospect’s interests, they would surely be interested in checking more of your products and services. You can also use this strategy to reduce cart abandonment and get more sales in your business.

Build Your Brand Reach And Awareness

Along with all the benefits shown above, it would help you reach out to more and more people. That would help you create a brand with better reach and awareness. Thanks to email automation software and intelligent solutions, it has become easier to nurture sales through email marketing.


Also, using powerful analytic tools like Mailgaze, you can compete with your marketing rivals on equal steps. Mailgaze is an awesome email intelligence solution that would help you to check on the best-performing email campaigns in your niche. And targeting the same, you can reach more opportunities to nurture and grow sales in your business.

Wrapping Words:

Have you still not decided to start your email drip campaign? What are you waiting for- this year in 2022 start with a resolution to grab more acquisitions for your business using email drip campaigns. If you have more queries related to email marketing, share your views in comments.

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