Why Do Companies Need Email Automation Software?

Have you ever anticipated the time taken to do the same email-related task again and again on endless counts of subscribers? It’s frustrating. Right? Email marketing campaigns are the perfect balance of traditional and modern marketing procedures, but sometimes it gets somehow messed and complicated too. 

Targeting and managing approx 4.1 billion users and attempting to drive the subscriber to your sales funnel is a milestone and frightening at the same time.

Getting accustomed to the email automation tool eases and paces your task that eventually affects the business’s extension. In this article, we introduce and explain every what, why, and how of email automation and the tremendous esteem it holds for your assets, let us see the table of content here; 

  • What is email automation?
  • Why should businesses use email automation?
  • Some of the email automation traits and strategies 
  • Best email automation tool for small business
  • Takeaways Call for email automation. 

So without any further delay, let us go upright ahead in this article. Also, we hope that it will be a great read and find it beneficial for your marketing approaches.

What is Email Automation?


Email automation is the marketing strategy or approach in which the marketers send triggered or behavioral-generated emails to the subscribers on their mailing list. Furthermore, it enables online marketers to send personalized messages to potential and prevailing clients on a particular schedule. Automated emails facilitate you to convey real-time, one-to-one messages and build the connection of customer engagement, remembrance, and commitment.

Why Should Businesses Use Email Automation?


We are introducing you to the best and potent 05 reasons to use email automation in your business. There are : 

Segmented Mailing list 

Email marketing automation empowers businesses or marketers to generate and produce well performed and profoundly segregated mailing lists. They can create and sort the list-based subscriber activities and the feedback from the customer relationship management data, buying and browsing history, etc.

Sorting out the mailing list can be tremendously effective in reaping out the benefits of targeted subscribers. Also, email marketing automation paces and maximizes both commerce and commitment.

Transform Expectation to the Potential Customers 

According to recent studies, approx. 60 percent of the customers and clients prefer email as the esteemed method to communicate addresses it as the ideal tool for lead nourishing. Email automation assists businesses in sustaining, transforming, and converting the lead through the sales funnel.

Maintain the Strings of Engagement 

Email automation assists online marketers in identifying and searching which subscribers or assets linked give favorable responses. Furthermore, the information amass allows the marketers to develop the effectiveness of the messages to avoid unfortunate circumstances like complaints, unsubscribes, bouncing, and spamming. Lastly, email automation enables marketers to build and preserve healthy attachments with their subscribers.

Enhance Effectiveness

The email automation marketing approach provides marketers to computerize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tasks and save a lot of time and energy. 

Email automation comprises; 

  • Gathering and preserving the customer data, 
  • Discovering the levels of customer interest of the customers
  • Re-establishing contact with the inactive leads 
  • Analyzing the return on investment (ROI)

Brand Development 

Email automation revitalizes and strengthens the connection between customers and brand through improving the engagement levels, planning out the marketing approaches, and assisting the customer relationship services that augment the brand evolution.

Email automation is the die-hard savers of your business that proffers the virtual communication between your brand and customer much more versatile and friendly. Eventually, in our daily mail inbox, there is an abundance of automated emails from the brands we love or the fresh ones, right? 

Like I habitually check out my mailbox when the email pops up from my beloved brand to seek what they now offer, discounts and sometimes wishes too! Brands or businesses ensure that they keep the flow of communication maintained with their customers and targeting the preferred subscribers through their sales funnels.

So what are the types of email automation usually brands or businesses love to send? 

All braced up to start your email marketing campaign? Know the Best Email Marketing Statistics for your business for desired outcomes.

Email Marketing Automation Perfect Examples 

Welcome Series

A welcome series is an automated email that customarily has the first interactions with the new subscriber. The purpose is to introduce the subscriber to provided offers, services, discounts, and other essential services.

Abandoned Cart Email 

Email automation type when the item gets removed from the cart during the checkout process. This variety of automated emails sends follow-up messages to such customers to remind them of the products that they left in the cart.

Order Confirmation Email

An order confirmation email is an email sent to a customer immediately after they make an order. I provide the customer the essential details about the purchase to cross-check.

Thank You Email 

A thank you email is when the visitor subscribes or makes the purchase, concluded as the strategic way for marketing to nourish the customer relationship.

Automation and procedures are never a problem when email automation marketing approaches come to prominence. What kind of email automation tools are crucial for business, and among the abundance of them in the market, which one to invest in?

After every detail discussed terms, what is email automation, why do we need them, and the kind of automated email we usually get in our inboxes, here are the top 03 email marketing tools to invest in 2022; 

03 Highly Integrated & Developed Best Email Intelligence Tool for Small Business



Mailgaze is the email intelligence that monitors, tracks, and analyzes competitor email tactics and builds the smartest email campaigns for your business. Trusted by over 1000+ happy customers to boost retention, drive the conversions and promote the offerings.

Key Features:

-Helps in finding the email of your competitors or business with ease by providing the option of searching keywords, domain, advertisers, text in the image, the object in the image, and much more. 

-Filter the emails by country, age, and gender to get the most relevant information to optimize the email marketing campaign.

-Locate and bookmark your favorite email and use it whenever you need it.

To find the pricing plans, click the link here.



Famous and well-known email automation software are free to start and come with powerful automation features. Easy drop-down email builder, infinite templates, and custom newsletter to match your brand personality and colors. 

Key Features :
  • Proffer personalization for emails for each subscriber based on device type, country, list membership, or any other custom information on the individual subscriber.
  • Offers all-in-one marketing platforms that include email marketing, CRM, automation workflows, sales tools, website, and more. 

Hubspot allows you to send 2000 emails and store an unlimited number of subscribers. The pricing plan starts at $45 per month.

Constant Contact


One of the largest and fastest-growing email marketing services in the world. Simple user integrated, beginner-friendly email marketing service. Easily manageable email lists, contact, email templates, the marketing calendar, and more. 

Key Features: 
  • It offers unmatched customer support with live chat, phone calls, email, community support, and a vast library with helpful resources.
  • It also offers in-person live seminars across the United States that allow small business owners to learn the basics of email marketing.
  • It has a 60-day free trial, and the pricing starts as low as $20 per month.

Competitor analysis is perpetually the best shot for marketing operations. Similarly, when planning email marketing campaigns, including it in the extra step is a perfect approach. 

Analyzing competitor’s email marketing approaches and seeking what is trending and business is adapting on ease is no more than a marketer can ask for.

Mailgaze makes this much easier for the marketers by just exploring the option from the search bar with filters like; 

  • Search by keywords
  • domain 
  • advertiser 
  • text in image 
  • object in image 
  • celebrity
  • brand in logo 

Sorting with the effective filters ads like; 

  • Country 
  • age 
  • gender, and
  • locate with a specific date range

So much of the feature is to nail your email marketing campaign and grow your business at its best.

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Takeaways Call for Email Automation

Today the world is getting more customized and personalized, and the advantages of email marketing are undoubtedly the one thing that no business wants to miss. 

Email automation increases the chance of the success of the campaign and cuts off the hassles of sending individual emails to numerous subscribers. 

Email automation software helps to boost engagement, provide customer interaction a new tangent, and skyrocket your business to the next level. 

Email marketing tools like Mailgaze augmenting the ideas, examining what strategies are trending? What approaches do your competitors plan to make easier?

Are you gearing up for your email automation and marketing campaign but stuck while designing the maneuverings? Explore the best serving email strategies in just a few clicks. Sign up today!

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