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Drip Campaigns: Debunking The 05 Influential Myths

We’ve all heard that if you swallow gum by mistake, you won’t be able to digest it for seven years. It turns out that many of us believed in this myth. However, we all know this is completely untrue. Similarly, there are several myths that we used to believe that others believed too.

However, it is frequently entertaining to discuss myths with friends and debate whether or not they are real. But those seeking the truth will sometimes dispel the most dominant myths.

And we’ll refute some misconceptions along the way here. Instead of misconceptions about the origin of the cosmos, we will examine myths about marketing – especially those around the email drip campaign.

However, if your company is not spending as much on drip campaigns due to the myths you have encountered- if that’s the case, you may be shocked at how some myths we’re about to dispel work. But first, let’s touch on the basics quickly about what is an email drip campaign is and how effective it is.


What Is A Drip Email Campaign?


A drip campaign is just delivering a limited number of emails to your target audience regularly depending on activities or changes in their status. Businesses use a drip campaign to stay in contact with their customers in a tailored and targeted manner after significant events or dates.

Some of the email drip campaign examples may be based on someone:

  • Making a purchase
  • Participating in a retail event
  • Registering for a webcast
  • Signing up for a report or white paper
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Participating in customer service
  • Not placing an order for a while

The email marketing campaign is effective and different due to a few factors. Typically, the material is:

  • Automated and prewritten.
  • Sent on a predetermined timetable as a result of audience activity or another strategic automation strategy.
  • Important engagement points have been “mapped” or “keyed off.”

(And many more, which we will discuss at length below.)

The “drip” aspect of a drip campaign refers to constantly delivering emails over time. It might be two, five, or whatever number you determine is the ideal amount of emails to send on a specific issue without over-communicating. You compose the emails once for each campaign, such as an abandoned cart drip campaign, and then automate the personalization and sending. Your drip marketing campaigns will run hustle free once the setup is ready.

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What Makes Drip Campaigns So Effective?


Brand Recognition-

Sending frequent, value-packed emails through a drip campaign helps people remember your brand among the noise. You will never be out of sight or mind.

Increases Participation-

Drip campaigns keep prospects engaged with your brand at a high level. It’s especially crucial since studies show that half of your leads aren’t ready to purchase or even speak to sales when they first contact you. A drip campaign, which often has a higher click-through than that of separate email blasts, assists you in engaging them until they are ready to do the same.


Before they are prepared to take action, most people need more than one encounter with a brand.

Pro Tip: People want to discover-

  • Connecting with your brand; may demonstrate that you know what you’re explaining and who they are explaining.
  • If others who have read your client tales or internet reviews have had success with your goods and services.
  • If you have the resources to provide the desired outcomes.
  • If your product or service is a good match for them before they are ready to purchase.

Now let’s begin with the myths that kept you away from drip campaigns.


Now Let’s Start With The Myths That Kept You Away From Drip Campaigns


#1 It Isn’t Effective

Let’s get this one out of the way straight now. Drip email campaigns are effective. This type of email drip campaign is designed to showcase a Call-to-Action when it is the most effective and has the highest chance of success. Companies that automate email are 133 % more likely to reach out to consumers at critical decision-making points.

Note- When it comes to conversion, timing is essential.


#2 Drip Campaigns Seems A Lot Of Work

Consider it this way. You’re already gathering information on your clients and leads. And you intend to communicate with these folks as part of a drip campaign or not. So, why not put that data to use by segmenting your clients and people- so they get the most relevant message possible?

According to research, 78 % of marketers believe segmentation is the one automation tool they need to function. It must be for a good purpose- And the reason for this is that educated communication efforts are more successful than uninformed communication attempts. Anything less is a waste of time, and- to ease your work you can surely try Mailgaze.

Email marketing software such as Mailgaze can batch, schedule, and distribute emails to people while giving sales employees open and response rate analytics.


Mailgaze is an effective email marketing tool constantly improving its functionality and overall capabilities. Users may search competitors’ emails using keywords, domains, ad kinds, text in pictures, significant brand names, brand logos, and other criteria.

  • Email conversations that drive every stage of the customer lifecycle may aid in the strengthening of client relationships.
  • You can make your subscribers’ inboxes dimensional, enjoyable, and pleasant.
  • With AI in each email, you can customize the content, send time, frequency, and more to deliver the right message at the right time.
  • The Mailgaze search box makes finding emails sent by rivals or organizations easier. Use keywords, domain, advertiser, text in the image, item in the picture, celebrity, and brand logo in the image to search.

Incorporating social media with email marketing campaigns using Mailgaze is highly recommended for redefining marketing opportunities and propelling the company to new heights.


#3 It’s Impersonal

The most common misperception is that the triangle of anything is easy, low-cost, and excellent is universal, but the fact is that this campaign is simple, inexpensive, and sound.

Beyond subject lines, there’s no reason you shouldn’t include customized aspects in your drip campaign. Relevant email drip campaigns generate 18X the income of generic, mass-mailing efforts. You target receivers based on data that ensures they are at the optimal point in the sales cycle to receive your message.

And, sure, your email will appear the same. If anything, this campaign will ensure that you remember to tailor and target the most exciting people at the optimal time for conversion.


#4 It Lowers CTR & Open Rate

Some marketers mistake automation for mass emailing and spamming, and as a result, their CTR, open rate, and sender reputation suffer.

That is just not the case. According to one research, automatically triggered emails had some of the best open and click-through rates, as well as a decrease in unsubscribes and spam complaints.


#5 It Is A Solution For Large Corporations Only

Large corporations like automation. Why? Because it saves time and money, which no one likes to spend. Whereas large corporations may afford to have whole departments working on a job, small enterprises often have a few workers multitasking.

Why not relieve them of one of the most time-consuming aspects of their responsibilities? Allow automated email marketing solutions to handle your email marketing, then sit back and wait for the results.


Fast, Good, & Cheap- Right!

An email drip campaign can help you connect with your clients, increase engagement, and reduce churn. We believe that a well-executed drip marketing strategy has the potential to provide exceptional commercial outcomes.

This strategy, like all others, has its critics. Some people believe automation is lazy (we argue you’re working smarter, not harder), others think it’s impersonal (nope), and some believe it’s a massive waste of time (not by a long shot). So we hope that after reading this article, you will address these misunderstandings or myths regarding the email drip campaign and prove how untrue they are.


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