Grace Your Clients With Beautiful Thanksgiving Emails in 2021

Good marketers prioritize Black Friday content before Thanksgiving. Legendary marketers know Thanksgiving emails are the way to lure people into planning their shopping and acting upon it. In this article, we will learn how to draft beautiful Thanksgiving emails so you can extend your heartfelt gratitude towards them in a graceful manner this holiday! Let’s get started!

Thanksgiving is a time of spending time with our family, to express our gratitude towards everyone that touches our lives and about all the delicious turkey and yams that we relish with our loved ones on the day. But for marketers, Thanksgiving is the time to express their gratitude with deals and offers to celebrate their relationship with their clientele.

But before we get into the celebration and tell people how they enhance our lives, we need to plan out the Thanksgiving emails we need to send on the day. Our clients must know that we appreciate them doing business with us, and we’d love to keep the relationship going.


E-commerce marketers usually bombard their client’s email inboxes with offers and deals to sell their products. People are fed up with these emails and tend to mark them as spam, only to never open them again. The better marketers know when is a good time to sell your products and when is the best time to take a step back and tell your clients how thankful you are that they choose to do business with you.

In this article, we will go over all the ways you can convey your gratitude and thankfulness to your clients – so they know how valuable they are to your business. It sends out a message of a humanistic nature taken by the organization and goes a long way in creating a relationship with your client.

But before looking at some tips to make your emails radiate gratuity to your customers, we need to optimize our workflow to get the highest number of our emails open and read by our customers. If they ignore your emails, then your efforts will go in vain. It is crucial to have a plan for deciding the goals for your thanksgiving emails, the best time to send them out for maximum readability, and curate content for your clients to read when you wish them a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Let us first look at the best time to send out your thanksgiving emails, so most of your recipients give your email a read and interact with your organization.


What is the best time to send Thanksgiving Emails?

A study done by two email marketing experts from Hubspot suggests that the average user prefers to open their email inbox on Tuesday on a workday. Tuesday sees a 20% increase than other days of the week, and as several experts suggest – weekends are not the time to send out business emails, especially during Thanksgiving. As the weekend comes to neigh, the average email openers data see a drop-down to 8% by Friday, falling further down on Saturdays and rising back up a little on Sundays.


Things change up a little bit during Thanksgiving, though. To spend more time with families, people tend to put their phones away to be in the moment with the people they love and enjoy a hearty feast with them. Average email opens see a drop on November 25, Thanksgiving day every year, opposed to the day before. 

Email opens continue to be on the decline until after Thanksgiving day up to December 1. It is the best time for you to convey your heartfelt gratuities to your clients or remind them of any offers that you have at your store post-Thanksgiving, so they come and check you out!


Email marketers must gauge at what time their audience is the most active in their inboxes. If they do not pinpoint the average time a majority of their audience is reading their emails, their efforts to make their customers read their messages and newsletters will go down the drain.

Now that we have the timings down – let’s look at some tips that will help you enhance your emails to your audience. The message body’s tone and formatting are crucial elements to keep in mind when you want to draft an email for your clients, especially when curating Thanksgiving emails. These tips will aid you in achieving that – and more! Let’s take a look!

Tips to Create the Most Graceful Emails to your clients


For emails on holidays during this time, you would want to stick to the Thanksgiving aesthetic. Thanksgiving, email marketing strategies tend to focus less on selling products or services. Instead, they emphasize using kind and hopeful phrases to appeal to their client base to strengthen their relationship with them. Let’s see how to apply these to our thanksgiving email marketing strategy so you can create a happy thanksgiving emails template for your clients!

Be Genuine

When you draft a mail to your clients that needs to be heartfelt and personal, make it so. Do not have someone else write these letters for you as they will not put a fraction of the soul that you, as a service provider or a product supplier, can put in the letter to a customer. 

Write down genuinely how you feel about your customers, even if you are not sending personal emails to each one of them. Write as if they are your friends and get a little up-close and personal with them. But beware! Don’t forget about boundaries; don’t get too intrusive as it can lead them to think that you are more of the prying type and want some information from them. 


If you are in season for Thanksgiving, then you must be grateful to your customers. Let them know how you feel about them, and let that raw emotion pour straight from your heart to your keyboard onto those emails so that they know how valuable they are to your organization. It boosts sales as customers feel validated and are motivated to purchase from your stores again, so they continue to be aware of their worth to your organization.

Be Generous

Generosity is the spirit of Thanksgiving! Toss in a few deals and offers for customers who interact with you during the limited time of Thanksgiving to reward them for their response to your emails. It is a guarantee that as customers catch wind of this technique of thanksgiving email marketing, it will yield more website views and offline store visits to your storefront! 

Generosity towards your customers goes a long way for business and social media marketing as customers love free or relatively cheaper stuff. When customers see a discount or an offer that is easily accessible to them, they want to act upon it that leads to the strengthening of the relationship between an organization and its customers.

If you have done something charitable, go ahead and flaunt it on your emails and let your customers know what they are paying for and how you as an organization use the money for charity. It develops a sense of pride to endorse such a cause, and they should be aware of it.

Define a Goal for your Thanksgiving Emails


Probably the first step of any business process is to define your goals for doing a specific task. If you are a grocery store owner, you might want to have customers come to your store to avail the deals on turkey and other food items you have in stock. If you are a party planner, you might want people to call your business to set up a Thanksgiving event at their place. 

Different goals will require various Thanksgiving emails to send the message across to your followers. Highlight the things that you think your customers would need.

Thanksgiving emails are a great way to invite old customers to re-engage with your business. Think of it as retargeting through email. Offer them exclusive deals curated for them – so they feel validated and interact with your brand again.


Similarly, if you have had a massive influx of new followers or customers in your store and you would like to welcome them: offering them deals is never a wrong path to take! Send them a special welcome Thanksgiving email and let them know how grateful you are by giving away a deal or some items to a few lucky customers/subscribers to help you boost your credibility amongst your audience!

Fuse your Products/Services with Thanksgiving


It works in every bit of social media and advertising, and it will work here too! Fusing the products/services of your niche with current social media trends or holiday festivities in your Thanksgiving emails is a call you will not regret taking! People love it when brands are humorous and funny with their products. It shows that people in the company care about having fun, not just about making money.

A well thought, funny, or quirky take on Thanksgiving would give it a nice twist in your Thanksgiving emails and make people want to give it a read, not just ignore it like the other business emails they get during the holidays!

Skip Promoting This Season 


If you have been promoting your products and services all year, it might be a good idea to put a pause to it in your Thanksgiving emails. Embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving by putting out Thanksgiving emails that appreciate your customers, or provide them value. Draft a beautiful email with an appropriate Thanksgiving aesthetic and slip in a coupon code to let your customers know how valuable they are to you and your business.

Similarly, give them valuable information! How you can come to their aid when they need it in a little Thanksgiving email and let them know how valuable their business is for you so they can help you in the spirit of Thanksgiving!

Use Thanksgiving Emails as Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promos

Face it: Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday can make a lot more money than  Thanksgiving campaigns. And your audience will be more likely to shop on these holidays anyway. So you can leave your focus there. If you choose this route, you will need to compose a non-promotional email as described above. This email will also remind customers about future BFCM sales.

Ideally, create a non-promotional email that makes the Thanksgiving experience easier, reminds you of BFCM, and offers the best of all three worlds. Get goodwill, deeper relationships, and positive brand associations that can provide the email that promotes ad-free vacations. Don’t overwhelm your audience with too much promotion or information. And build expectations that can maximize BFCM weekend sales. To do this, do the following:

 ● Create an ad-free email campaign that simplifies your vacation.

 ● Add a BFCM sales reminder at the beginning or end of the email.

You can keep things simple by just adding a small text to let you know when Black Friday begins. Or you can raise awareness about BFCM ads and use tactics such as urgency to increase sales.

Another great tactic is to include an example of a product or product category sold over the BFCM weekend. It makes your audience think about the products they want to buy.

Sit down with your writer and give them these guidelines and ask them to work their magic. These tips and guidelines are an excellent foundation to get you to create a happy Thanksgiving emails template for your customers these holidays!

Incorporate more drafts of the happy Thanksgiving emails template for different goals of your Thanksgiving email marketing strategy and put them in rotation throughout the holidays, sending out various cards depending on their business with your organization!

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