7 Cold Email Opening Line That Works Every Time

The sentence starters in your cold emails can make a big difference in knowing whether it gets more clicks or not. In simple words, your email opening line is the first thing that comes into the sight of viewers. And the success of your cold emails depends on the email open rates of your whole campaign.

Let’s take a look at stats which shows that more than 70% of people check out the starting sentence of emails before opening them. The number itself shows that most people just get a look at the starting lines of emails before deciding to open them or not. If they don’t find anything worth their attention, they would neglect or may even delete that email.

So if you want to make your cold email campaign a success, then you surely need to make improvements with sentence starters in your emails. And to help you with that, we are sharing some tips that might help you.

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Why Is Your Email Opening Line Quite Important?

Whenever someone receives an email in their inbox, they notice the name of the sender, the subject line, and the snippet of that email. It shows that snippets of emails are as important as subject lines. And there is quite a possibility that on the receiving end, after reading the subject line, readers may also notice the small snippet part. From that, they can understand whether that email is really useful for them or they should just ignore it.


So there is no denying that to get more clicks on your email, you need to have a nice subject line, but you need to also work on lucrative opening lines to make your snippet eye-catchy.

7 Most Effective Cold Email Opening Lines-

Here we are sharing some of the best ideas to create innovative and highly engaging opening lines that you may use in your email campaigns.

Start With Greetings:

One of the things that most people like as a sentence starter in email is a strong greeting. In the beginning, just by saying ‘Hi (Name)’ at the top of your email content, you can build a connection with your audience. Or if you are writing a formal email, you can mention ‘Dear (Sir/Madam)’ at the beginning of your content. Based on whom you are reaching and what type of content you want to deliver, you may even change the honorifics to make your email more engaging for readers


Throw A Compliment:

If you appreciate the work of others in your cold email opening line, you could get a better response from them. Start your email by adding a few compliments on the latest work of the receiver. It would possibly help you to spark a positive conversation. Mostly we have seen that while sending mail to bloggers, email creators compliment them on their latest work. And it would help them to bring the conversation forward to what they wanted.

For example: You can add – “Your work is inspirational” or “I really appreciate your work on (Topic).

Give Value To Your Audience-

By getting your best offers on the table, you can acquire more attention from the audience. And not only that, it might even help you to convert most of your prospects into sales. You only need to make sure to offer a deal depending on the interest of your target audience. In such a case, before sending an email, you should analyze your prospect audiences, as it would help you to learn about their likes and dislikes. And accordingly, you can create an email opening line with an exciting deal that would attract more clicks on it.


Mention Something Common-

When you have some link with the person you are sending an email to, it becomes easier for you to start a conversation. In most cases, people show their mutual connection to start a conversation. However, there can be many other things that you might have in common with your prospect audience.

Nowadays, marketers do a lot of research to learn about their target audience. One of the best ways to get information about your prospects is through social media. There might be a chance that you could get something in common with people whom you are sending cold emails to. And by including them in your email opening lines, you can increase the chances of getting more clicks and conversions.

If you are still not satisfied with hefty research on social media, why not invest in an email intelligence tool like Mailgaze. If you want to supercharge your cold email campaign, you need to get the best email analytics at your fingertips. Mailgaze is the best solution you can have, as it provides powerful features that let you find the emails of your competitors. Also, you have the filter option, where you can retrieve only relevant information and avoid unwanted ones.

Reveal First, Then Ask

One of the things that most readers find interesting is when some eye-opening facts get revealed. And by stating those facts in your cold emails, you can also ask them whether they have similar problems or not. If you target the right audience, you might even get a response that might even get converted into your sales.

For example: Do you know that stats say 80% of marketers use AI solutions in their email marketing? Then why don’t you try Mailgaze…

Offer Unique Insight Into Their Problem-

On the Internet, you will get ‘n’ number of tips on any topic. But there isn’t a surety that they would work from the best or worst. When crafting emails, you should make use of unique insights that are relevant to your target prospects. Just giving them a hint that you have a solution to their problem would help you claim more leads from your cold emails.

Use Zeigarnik Effect-

Adding a reasoning sentence starter that could really help your prospects with their unfinished work in your cold emails could help you get more clicks. You can use it as a clickbait taking advantage of the Zeigarnik effect, using which you can raise the curiosity of people by giving them a reason to open your emails with a single look. In fact, many marketers use this tactic to approach their audience.



Cold emails can be very effective in generating leads by targeting the right prospects. However, it’s also important to tailor each email based on the interest of a specific prospect audience. If you want to expand your email marketing through cold emails, make your emails more engaging for audiences by using the most relevant email opening lines.

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To achieve that, you can follow the above-shown hacks, and if you still have any issues, try Mailgaze- the best email intelligence solution to boost your cold email campaigns.

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