Drip Campaign

Drip Campaigns: Debunking The 05 Influential Myths

We’ve all heard that if you swallow gum by mistake, you won’t be able to digest it for seven years. It turns out that many of us believed in this myth. However, we all know this is completely untrue. Similarly, there are several myths that we used to believe that others believed too. However, it […]


Email Marketing: 05 Ways To Shoot Up Your Sales Numbers

Email marketing is far from an old-fashioned method of selling products and services to increase your sales cycle. Many customers like receiving emails from their favorite companies. True, even if they are more interested in that brand professionally than as a product to buy. However, not all email marketing campaigns are the same. Instead, businesses […]

Email Marketing Specialist

What Is The Role Of An Email Marketing Specialist In Your Business?

An email marketing specialist is one who targets email marketing as part of a broader digital marketing strategy. Their target is on making email records, producing and improving emails for conversion and increasing sales, and generating warm leads through email marketing. They’ll generally prefer email automation software, for example, Mailgaze, and will be in charge […]


5 Best Email Marketing Services In 2022

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools available today. It has the potential to generate a higher return on investment than any other marketing strategy by increasing engagement, fostering relationships, and generating a higher return on investment.  Choosing the correct email marketing service can make or break the success of your marketing campaign. […]


Sentence Starters 101: You’ll Wish You Knew These Earlier

You already know that your email’s subject line is important: It enables prospects to determine whether or not to read your email. But after they make that decision, what will they discover inside? With all the debate about subject lines, it’s too easy to ignore the significance of the sentence starters. The sentence starters— the […]


Automated Email Tools- How they Help Businesses ?

With automation being a real buzzword today, marketing automation is becoming a core part of marketing strategies across numerous industries.  Embracing email automation to grow your email campaigns is a surefire-winning movement. With automated email tools, you can nurture present customers, build loyalty, target new prospects, and boost sales for your business. Automated email tools […]

The Right Mail Management Software

The Right Mail Management Software to Enhance Business Productivity

Email marketing is prominent software preferred in a business’s marketing plan. Email marketing with email automation can work off current contact data to encourage and involve possible users. It is preferred to support your business’s clients to stay involved, check their user journey, and generate revenue. Email marketing businesses and brands interact with subscribers directly […]