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You might be thinking to start your business; we know it because Marketers stay familiar with email marketing statistics. They have an immense impact on how customers visualize the marketing landscape and how customers prefer marketing activities. You might have heard a bit about how small business are nowadays giving more emphasis to email marketing to grow their profits, gain new consumers, and well engage existing customers. 

But is email marketing truly value it? With more digital marketing possibilities, even with social media marketing and Google Ads, does email marketing still keep its worth when it is a matter of generating profits? Keep it short, yes. Email marketing is truly valuing the investment if you want to modify your concepts and form a successful business. In this blog, I have given a few details about email marketing statistics & I will add extra key features like current email marketing Statistics, mobile optimization, personalization, and so on so that you will get a complete view of what’s going in the market which help you to gain up-to-date information according to your campaign moving forward.

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What is Email Marketing? 


Email marketing is the usage of email to advertise goods or facilities. But it’s not only limited to that bust also you can use email marketing to improve relations with existing consumers, and to increase potential customers. Email marketing permits companies to give their customers up-to-date information, and to modify their marketing e-mails accordingly. It is the most profitable and conversion-rich methods of digital marketing nowadays. It’s effective, convincing, and finds your ecommerce store great outcomes. 

Here is a list of email marketing statistics just to prove the effectiveness of email marketing. 

1. Email Marketing generates a 42x ROI 

If you’re looking to find the most out of your marketing cost, start investing in Email Marketing. This network remains to outperform in new digital marketing networks and gives a huge profit on investment. While there are several profits of email marketing for small business, ROI is the one that truly involves you in business. Email marketing makes huge profits. For each $1 you invest on email marketing, you can think an average return of $42. That is an advanced profit than you can expect from any other form of marketing channels. 

2. Billions Of emails are sent daily 

Billions-Of -emails- are -sent -daily

In 2019, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received every day which is around 306 billion to be exact. And this figure is expected to touch 361 billion by the end of 2024. Even if there are several methods to reach consumers than ever before, it’s clearly visible that email is still popular ways of interaction. This email marketing statistic of 2021 will expect to show you, that email marketing isn’t replacing anyhow. In fact, it is progressing day-by-day. Over the years several innovative methods of interaction have developed. In spite of this development, email marketing has continued relevant and is remaining to rise. With this email marketing statistics, it’s tough to overlook the possible of a great email marketing campaign. 

3. Email is used worldwide 

Based on Email marketing statistics report of 2020 email is cast-off by over 4 billion users over half of the world’s population. And that number is only going up. It’s estimated that another half a billion people will be using email by 2024. 

email marketing-is-used-worldwide

Email has created its mode from being simple texts among academics to a worldwide academic. In 2019, universal email customers reached to 3.9 billion customers. This number is expected to reach 4.3 billion customers in 2023. You can reach billions of people in a day through email marketing no matter how small your company is. This email marketing profit of diminish time and labour can support you to build your email marketing strategy in an advance technique, and attach with your customers within no time. 

4. Email marketing develops your business 

Based on the data, 81% of professionals think email marketing drives email as their leading user acquisition network, and 80% for user retention. In simple words, that means various users coming to you for their requirements, and staying with you when necessities increase again. There might be several things to talk about social media, and likes, shares, and tweets, but which doesn’t mean that email marketing is now any less appreciated. I’m not saying that Facebook is not significant for your business, but if you are seeing for direct effect and gain more customers, there is no comparison with email marketing. 

5. Automated Drifts add 60% of the email marketing revenue 

Social media marketing is a significant tool for developing your business, but when it derives to increasing sales, it doesn’t touch email marketing. 60 % of customers say they have prepared a buy as the outcome of an email marketing they got. Contrast that with the 12.5% of customers who claim they would think about customizes the ‘buy’ button on social media platform, and it is not that much potential. Social media is necessary, but eventually, the uses of email marketing still making users to sign up for your email list. Email automated workflows are one of the prominent methods to convert leads into consumers, and the great thing is you can produce more profit when saving your valuable time. Statistics have it that 320% return is produced from automated emails.  

Here are some the benefits of keeping automated emails: 

  1. Save your time and work pressure by avoiding manual work.  
  1. Develop responsiveness and knowing of your business. 
  1. Rise importance and reinforce messaging.  
  1. Decrease the possible for mistakes. 
  1. Reasonable cost and increase profits. 

6. Email supports you to gain users as soon as possible 

With the imminence of social media, you possibly consider it had considered email as the earliest way to gain new customers & relationships. But the fact is 21 percent of emails are used within the first hour of sending. AT the end of three hours, that number beats up to almost 41 percent. So, Email is the fastest and prominent method to gain more audience. 

8. Customers want to receive emails from you. 

61 percent of customers like getting marketing emails tabloid. 38 percent would appreciate emails to arise even more often. When seeing at the frequency with which customers would appreciate to get emails from brand, 49 percent of customers alleged that they would appreciate to get marketing emails from their preferred brands on a regular basis. This email marketing statistic is mainly manageable when you’re thinking about sending emails to your customers frequently. Your users enjoy receiving emails from you, and speciously, they’re glad to receive your product details from you through email. 

9. Segmentation and personalization increase the effectiveness of email  

Email marketing with a tool like Constant Contact allows for smarter, more effective marketing through email segmentation. With segmentation, you can send different content to different segments of your contact list to make your emails more personal and relevant to your readers. Segmented emails make readers 50 percent higher rates to tab on a link in the email. And more clicks mean more eyes on your website, so, a great email marketing statistics would be to change your welcome message and subject line to contain specific names when you plan to send out emails. If you think that is an over loaded task, you could even use personalizing your emails with the company’s logo, business, or a subject of interest.  

10. Email Marketing Statistics via mobile phone 

Email using rates from mobile devices have developed by over 100 percent since 2011. Mobile phones are here to connect and are expected to take by the majority of your users. Marketers are searching for best possibilities to reach mobile users. Fortunately, email marketing appears an easy and money-making opportunity. Now, mobile devices profile nearly 60 percent of email opens on a regular basis. In fact, 73 percent of businesses nowadays emphasize mobile phone optimization when making email marketing campaigns. 

So, whenever you click “send,” button you can think almost half of all receivers to open it on a mobile phone. This visibly displays the significance of making mobile-approachable emails, and it is something that foremost e-commerce brands are doing. It’s also worth saying that more users open mobile-friendly emails on an iPhone than any other system at 28.4 percent, which is monitored by an iPad at 9.3 percent and Google Android nearly at 2.3 percent. This is something you need to keep in mind when you are planning to optimize for screen size.  

Mailgaze for email marketing



Authoritative Search Procedure 

Mailgaze’s search method supports you to get Emails associated with your opponents or business. You can keep sort your search type by Keywords, Promoters, Domain, message, Object, Name, or Brand logo in picture 

1.Search by Keywords 

Search Emails by popular used keywords in your 
business. Find the outcomes as per your preferred criteria. 

2.Search by Domain 

Get Emails of any business within a second by 
Domain. To start the search method, type in a domain tag. 

3.Search by Promoter 

Get best working Emails of your promoter within a second.  To start the search, type in a promoter name and receive the outcomes as per your preferred criteria. 

4.Search by content In Image 

Get Emails associated with your business or opponents by content in image. 

5.Search by Object In Image 

Get Emails associated with your business or opponents by object in image. 

6.Search by Brand Name In Image 

Get Emails associated to your business or opponents by brand name in image. 

7.Find Emails Quickly 

Getting emails between a specific date range effortlessly with MailGaze’s search method. 

8.Email Received Between 

Mailgaze supports you to search Emails received by a certain date range. You can even build a custom range as per your requirements. 

9.Email Taken Between 

Find emails that were taken throughout a specific period by preferring date range filters 

10.Filter Emails like a professional 

Discover competitors’ Emails by filtering them by countries, age, 
gender and gather the most significant information for refining your Email campaigns. 

11.Filter Emails By Age 

Filter the Emails based on your age groups. With this you can improve your Email Marketing strategies. There are several possibilities accessible from which you can choose. 

12.Filter Emails By Gender  

Filter Emails by an additional typical measure that is Gender. Filtering by gender will create it easier for the customers to identify the Emails and its reach accordingly and then they can organize the campaign. 


Recently that you have understood the email marketing statistics, what extra can email do for the growth of your business!

These email marketing statistics prove how much cost- effective email can be for your business. Whether you want to grow your users’ number or reinforce your connection with present users, email marketing will offer you the tools you need to do so. 

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