Automated Email Tools- How they Help Businesses ?

With automation being a real buzzword today, marketing automation is becoming a core part of marketing strategies across numerous industries.  Embracing email automation to grow your email campaigns is a surefire-winning movement. With automated email tools, you can nurture present customers, build loyalty, target new prospects, and boost sales for your business. Automated email tools […]


What to Put in Subject Line for Networking Email

Even if you have written a brilliant networking email, a weak subject line will make it go unnoticed, and all your marketing efforts will go in vain, wasting all behind the scene effort and planning for that email. Impressions do make a difference, especially when it comes to networking email subject lines. It is required […]


What Does a Business Development Representative Do

Business development is a broad profile with many important roles under its feathers,  from Business Development Executive to Chief Business Development Officer- each profile carries different responsibilities. A strong business development team can fetch significant fortunes to an organisation if you have the right blend of skillful business development representatives to lead the battle. With […]


Follow Up Sales Email Template- Best Practices

It is a reality that most emails get unnoticed, but it does pay to be persistent as every next email offers you noticeability and an option to pitch. A poor follow Up sales email can ruin an excellent sales pitch! Writing an effective lead follow-up email template can be challenging as it may look pushy.  […]


Email Sales Templates-11 Writing Tips

Whether you’re mining for warm leads, promoting a new launch, or following up with a previous conversation, eventually, you have to send an email. With the right email sales templates, you can convey a winning message that captures the reader’s attention and provide you with a sale opportunity. The best sales emails focus on the […]


Lead Generation Email Best Practices 2022

When you ask your prospects to fill in a lead capture form, you’re participating in lead generation. Sounds simple, yet many businesses don’t bother to participate in this effective lead generation email marketing strategy. What is Lead Generation? Lead generation is one of the most effective marketing strategies initiated to build consumer interest in products […]


How Mailgaze will Change Email Marketing Services Scenario

Email marketing is an effective marketing channel to promote your products or services to create brand awareness by integrating them into your marketing automation efforts. Email marketing services seek to achieve trust-building, loyalty, and brand awareness through emails to send advertisements,  request business, or solicit sales or donations.  It is significant in lead generation, brand […]


7 Keys to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is still the most effective marketing strategy over social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing. Building a triumphant email marketing campaign is not only about finding an email list, writing fascinating text, sprinkling some images, and hitting that send button. It is a systematic approach to increasing your conversions and growing your business, in […]


5 Best Email Service for Marketers 2022

Choosing the best email service for your marketing campaign is a necessary part of marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. And success and failure of your marketing campaigns depend on the email marketing tools you choose. In this post, we will learn about 5 best email marketing services and their features . Before checking […]