7 Keys to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is still the most effective marketing strategy over social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

Building a triumphant email marketing campaign is not only about finding an email list, writing fascinating text, sprinkling some images, and hitting that send button.

It is a systematic approach to increasing your conversions and growing your business, in turn, that matters for a successful email marketing campaign strategy.

If you’re still wondering how to make an email campaign successful, break down your email marketing campaigns into smaller chunks to make them simple and easy to execute.

7 Tips for Building a Successful Email Marketing Campaign


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is sending promotional messages in bulk to generate sales, leads, build relationships, or keep consumers engaged through different marketing emails.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses emails to promote your business’s products or services. It helps create awareness of your latest products by integrating them into your marketing automation efforts. 

Let’s Take a look at Key Tips for Building a Successful Email Marketing Campaign-

1. List Building

Develop Your List Before Starting an Email Marketing Campaign

Gone are the days when you purchase a list and spam a group with your promotional communications. Such “cold messaging” works well if you are selective in purchasing a list of likely buyers. 

List buying was an art when list purchases were likely to result in high returns. And, selling lists provide unique access to highly targeted subscribers.

Now, you can’t buy lists and have to comply with CAN-SPAM regulations, so you have to develop your own.

Before you can have a successful email marketing campaign, you need a good list. 

 List Building Points to Focus-

  1. Include your sign-up form everywhere-on the home page and each page of your website, in your store, at events, on social platforms.
  2. Offer something in exchange for signing up for your email list(like an ebook, coupon, etc)
  3. Before signing up, all you need is an email address and name. Don’t ask for irrelevant information, so it’s easy for visitors to sign up. You can get additional information after they sign up.
  4. Make your sign-up form obvious without interfering with user experience and SEO. Remember, you don’t want to mess with anything that reduces visits, bounces, or time on site.
  5. Include social sharing for subscribers to forward your email to a friend to develop your list and customer engagement.

2. Strong Content

Power Up Your Email Marketing Campaign With Great Content

Content is solidly the king in the marketing domain, and if your content is appealing, it will power up your email marketing campaign.

Points to Focus-

  • Make your text and visual content attractive and persuasive and use lots of white space. Ensure your email doesn’t sound formal by making it more like a fun conversation with a friend. Also, add a touch of humor for better performance.
  • Personalization doesn’t end with including the person’s name. Make the email look as it was created, especially for one reader.
  • Be precise in providing information and send across the right message without wasting the reader’s time.

3. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Can Make You Victor If You Practice It Right

Marketing automation is not well perceived because it looks like you’re treating your subscribers as robots. But, marketing automation can make you a winner in email marketing if you use it right.

No marketing automation platform works well unless you keep information up-to-date to ensure targeted content to their product interests and other key elements, like gender. 

Marketing Automation Best Practices for Successful email marketing campaigns

  • Define your goals. Use real numbers to justify the investment to your stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with other teams. Your marketing automation strategy will touch several teams in your company. Get their input and buy-in before you begin.
  • Create process visualizations. Use detailed diagrams of your marketing automation workflow to relay your big objectives.
  • Prepare for database segmentation. Consider your customer data. Think about who you’d like to engage and why.

4. Analytics

Keep a Close Eye on Analytics

Keep a close eye on the analytics of your campaign through an intelligent spy tool like Mailgaze  to  help you make successful email marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Metrics to Watch for Email Marketing-

  • Subscriber data such as new subscribers and unsubscribes.
  • Performance of your email form
  • Campaign performance–how many opens, how many clicks, and, if you’ve installed tracking codes, goal completions based on each campaign.


Best Email Spy Tool for Email Marketing

Mailgaze spies on your competitors’ email marketing campaigns‎ to provide insights into top marketers, advertisers, networks, and publishers.

Mailgaze proudly calls itself the #1 email spy tool to uncover and access your competitors’ emails to help you understand how they utilize emails to boost retention, drive Conversions and promotions. 

To know more about spy tools, read- 6 Best Email Spy Tool for Gmail 2022

An email marketing strategy is useless, if it is not providing complete evaluation on marketing trends to outwit your competition, and that is where Mailgaze takes the game one notch up!

Mailgaze lets you have powerful searches to locate emails, filter ads, and bookmark your favourite emails to supercharge your email marketing campaigns through its interesting email strategies.

Evaluate Email Trends Without Sacrificing Your Privacy

Features to supercharge your email campaigns-

  1. Powerful Search Process– Mailgaze’s powerful search bar helps you find emails of your competitors by keywords, domain, advertiser, text in image, object in image, and celebrity & brand in image.
  2. Locate emails faster- You can easily find emails between a certain date range.
  3. Filter Ads smartly- Furthermore, filter the emails by country, gender, and age to get the most relevant information for optimising your email marketing campaigns.
  4. Bookmark your favorite emails- You can bookmark your favorite or most in use email for future needs.

Main Advantages of Mailgaze-

  • Save money on email campaign testing.
  • Scout the competition’s brands.
  • Discover new email strategies
  • Browse email by what’s important.

Furthermore, it saves money on A/B testing.

5.Timing is the Key for Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Send Emails When It Matters-Timing is the Key

Always maintain a balance between customer engagement and the frequency & timing of the emails for email marketing.

Don’t overload your readers by sending excessive emails but indulge in a meaningful, timely conversation that leads to successful conversions and brand loyalty. That’s a tight balancing act.

And a good gauge of the accurate frequency comes from analytics. If your open rates drop or a slew of folks unsubscribes, you’re probably emailing too often.

The key is to send emails when you have something worth saying to your audience.

6. Mobile-Friendly

Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly

Making your content mobile-friendly is a key to successful email marketing, as 47% of emails get opened on a mobile device. 

For making your content easier for mobile users:

  • Convert your email to a one column template for an easy mobile fix.
  • Bump up the font size for improved readability on smartphones.
  • Follow the iOS guideline of buttons at least 44 pixels wide by 44 pixels tall.
  • Make the CTA (call-to-action) obvious and easy to tap, preferably above the fold.
  • Consider ergonomics. Many users tap and scroll with their thumb, so keep important tappable elements in the middle of the screen.

7. Customer Targeted

Develop Customer-Targeted Emails that Equate to Leads

Do not simply send emails. Develop emails that equate to leads, sales pipeline, and better sales revenue by customer-targeting.

Few Tips For How To Make This Successful:

  1. The email should be concise. Avoid including a lot of value propositions and narratives for a better response rate. Start with a compelling statement, followed by a few bullet points and an action button at the bottom.
  2. Be direct and bold with a compelling statement. Let the prospect know within seconds the purpose of the email and why they should read on, eventually ending with an action button on the bottom. This requires an understanding of your target audience or prior analytics, which you can perform through Mailgaze.
  3. Be specific with the CTA. The entire purpose of the email is to get as many prospects as to click the action button. Use verbiage explaining what they will receive once they click. Make sure you use a compelling tactic (Demo / Free Trial / Free Study), as “White Papers” is not very compelling.
  4. The landing page should be informative.  This is where you can add further explanation of your services and add assets that might be interesting to some prospect.  
  5. Make sure to follow up within 24 hours as the value degrades after 48 hours of response. Also, immediate action is necessary to achieve optimal results.  You need a technology that showcases their activity on your landing page so you can direct the follow-up call to their specific interest.

How Much Does an Email Marketing Campaign Cost?

Email marketing is definitely a cost-effective strategy that drives some of the highest ROI(return on investment) of all inbound initiatives. But it largely depends on the choices we make while developing our email marketing campaign that generates profits.

Let us check the breakdown of all the factors that goes into email marketing costs-

  1. Automation Tools– Email automation tools can increase productivity and streamline your workflow. Make sure to keep its cost in the budget before planning your email campaign.
  2. Outsourcing or internal teams– Depending on the size of your teams and their requirement, plan accordingly where to invest in, whether outsource to an email marketing company or an inhouse team.
  3. Post campaign analytics and support- In addition to the cost that goes into rolling out any campaign, the cost to support, maintain, and launch new initiatives after research work can cost a levy of elements.

But all the expenses are worth it if you can build a successful email marketing campaign for your project leading to lead generations and higher ROI.

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Key Points to Focus on as you Build your Email Marketing Campaign-

  • What is the purpose of your email?
  • Timing — how often, time of day, day of week, etc. The better your timing, the better your open rate.
  • Optimize open rates with a great pre-header, the description users see when they check their email. 
  • Make your email easy to read and inviting on multiple screens with great design.

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