6 Best Email Spy Tool for Gmail 2022

Corporate data theft is on a surge, and if you aren’t monitoring your employees through the best email spy tool, you could be risking your company’s trade secrets, blueprints, future deals, and marketing strategies.

Email monitoring software is a valuable tool to manage employee activities, prevent important information from leaking away and keep a tab on young children. It is a necessary resource in many aspects of today’s digital age to safeguard our secret information and young children from cyberbullying. 

If you are still not using email spy tools for your organization, it’s high time to give it serious consideration, or you may fall prey to legal threats/ hacking without being aware.

Why Spy on Email Account?

Email monitoring tools get questioned for association with malicious purposes. Considering the vested interests in the activities of employees, organizations have every right to monitor everything employees are doing with their data.

  • Employers can view emails and contact details of employees to protect against any significant breach of information. 
  • To ensure the safety of young children in the form of cyberbullying.
  • Allows secret monitoring of incoming and outgoing emails on a computer.
  • Spyware software allows emails secretly forwarded to another address for remote viewing. 

In this post, we will learn about the 6 top email tracking tools for Gmail, the benefits, the legalities of email monitoring software, and why Mailgaze is the best email spy tool around this 2021 and beyond.

Best Email Spy Tool for Gmail

1. Mailgaze

The Best Email Spy Tool

Mailgaze offers email intelligence at your fingertips by monitoring, tracking, and analyzing competitor’s emails to suggest exceptional email campaigns for your business. It is one of the best email spy tools around to analyze your competitor’s marketing strategies.

MailGaze is an email intelligence tool that can help find and analyze your competitor’s email marketing strategies. It uncovers and accesses your competitors’ emails to help you understand how they utilize emails.

You can use these insights to outwit your competitors with better strategies to connect with the audience, drive conversions, and boost retention.


Mailgaze offers three packages depending upon your needs and priorities. They have a Basic plan for 9.99$ per month, a Standard plan for 19.99$ per month, and a Premium plan for 29.99 $ per month.

They customize your plans as per your need and offer a plethora of features for Gmail service even in their basic and standard plans.

Supercharge your Gmail, save hours, easy-to-use email tracking, reminders & schedules, all this and much more with this Google chrome extension that works within Gmail to upgrade your emailing efforts.

2. Right Inbox

Email Productivity Tool for Gmail

Right Inbox is popularly known as an email productivity tool for Gmail for allowing you to send emails later, email tracking, email notes, recurring emails, follow-up emails, templates, signatures, CRM, and much more.

It is the perfect Gmail extension for sales, recruiting, and marketing needs.

Furthermore, you can find out who reads your email, when and how many times with this free email tracking tool for a limited period, to start with free installation.


Right Inbox offers a limited free version, you get free installation, but a paid plan starts with 5.95 $ per month. There are team plans also starting with 4.95$ per month.

3. Mailtrack

Free Email Tracking Tool

Mailtrack is a SAAS available only as an extension for Google Chrome and Gmail that offers free and unlimited email tracking software. It adds checkmarks like Whatsapp to your Gmail to tell when your emails opened, have been read, or not.

It is the only free email tracking tool that traces your emails free forever. Compatible with Yesware, Boomerang, Streak, Mixmax, Bananatag, and Hubspot Sales.

With its sleek user interface it is used by professionals across Yahoo, Uber, Harvard college, and LinkedIn for enhancing productivity.


Its free tier is for a limited period. 

Mailtrack Pro tier available for 9.99$ per month, allows unlimited email tracking for Gmail, daily reports, real-time read receipts, link tracking, reminders, email & phone support, Light CRM integration,  and no Mailtrack signature.

4. Yesware


Yesware lets you complete your sales goal with its outlook and Gmail add-ons by providing you real-time open notifications for your emails. Also, it notifies who clicked your links and took downloads. It is primarily a sales engagement platform that seamlessly fits into your Gmail account.

Yesware is the best email spy tool for Gmail, where you can access click rates, open rates, reply rates in your Gmail on the Yesware dashboard.

Some of its other efficient features are- email templates, automated follow-up, meeting scheduler, reminders, phone dialer, and sales integration, to name a few.

Pricing- Yesware offers three plans- Pro plan for 15$ per user, premium plan for 35$ per user(billed monthly), and enterprise plan for 65$ per user billed annually.

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5. Sales Handy

Sales Handy-email-spy-tool
Free Unlimited Email Tracking & Scheduling for Lifetime

SalesHandy is another one of the best spy tools that offers free unlimited email tracking & scheduling for a lifetime in Gmail. Also, it provides insights to enhance your email productivity and sends instant desktop notifications for every email opened, link clicked.

Additionally, you can create and save email templates on the go. SalesHandy supports outlook and Gmail for any windows system. 

Unlike other spy tools, it does not have a branded email signature.


For Gmail users, SalesHandy offers unlimited email tracking services for a lifetime. For outlook, they have a regular plan starting from 9$/ user/ month.

6. Bananatag

Simplify Internal Communications

Bananatag is one of the ten best email spy tool used by the biggest companies to simplify internal communications. It gets integrated with the compose box and lets you individually track the emails. 

All the tracked emails are sent from Outlook and Gmail servers, so no worries regarding emails getting blocked or spam.

Some of the other additional features of Bananatag are- Email scheduling, attachment tracking, email templates, and email analytics to have a bigger picture to understand which email pitches work the best for you.


Bananatag offers a Pro plan and, Team plan for 12$ per user( billed monthly) and 25$ per user billed monthly.

Why is Mailgaze the Best Email Monitoring Software?

Supercharge your Email Campaigns

Mailgaze lets you have powerful searches to locate emails, filter ads, and bookmark your favourite emails to supercharge your email campaigns through its interesting email strategies.

The user-friendly interface of Mailgaze lets you perform a comprehensive search with filtering capabilities to help you find emails you need to know about for the betterment of your organization.

Moreover, it is one of the best email spy tool for gmail that allows you to evaluate email trends without sacrificing your privacy.

Track, Analyse and Report

Search by Keywords

Search Emails by Popular Keywords

Search by Domain

Find Emails in Seconds

Search by Text in Image

Search by Text in Image

Search by Object in Image

Search by Object in Image

Locate Emails

Search Emails by Date Range

Filter Emails

Filter Emails By Age

Super Intuitive Dashboard

Super Intuitive Dashboard

Benefits of  Email Monitoring Software/ What Information you can Gather?

  • A good spyware is installed with non-malicious purposes in mind.
  • It won’t interfere with other programs, put computers at risk, or reduce Internet connection speeds.
  • Best  email spy tool  often includes adware or ad-supported software bundled with programs.
  • Spy software assists administrators in checking security systems.
  • Some businesses and users would not be able to function properly without having oversight capability that only spy software installation can provide to keep a company’s reputation and the bottom line healthy.

A typical activity of email monitoring software includes activity tracking, keystroke logging, parental control features, email monitoring, internet browser history, and more. 

Following are the key information that you can gather from a best email spy tool:

  • Collect frequent-use information 
  • Tracks user behavior analytics.
  • Some spyware products can install more programs.
  • Some of the top email tracking tools  are sophisticated apps with the capacity to memorize keystrokes.
  • Some of the best email spy tools can change/ modify operating system configurations.
  • They are security system analysis tools.
  • Can function as a screen scraper to snag visual data.
  • Sophisticated spyware can capture and store screenshots.
  • Can function as a clipboard interceptor.
  • Provide access to audio/ video recording functions.
  • Engineered to redirect browsers.
  • Email monitoring software can launch applications too
  • Built-In Content Filtering
  • Easy Log Management
  • Powerful Graphical Interface
  • The program tracks all websites visited, even if the history is  deleted.
  • It logs the device applications that were opened and closed.
  • Logs the internet connections
  • Records all files that were opened and printed.
  • Records all online chat conversations.
  • Records Windows opened
  • Records Email Sent and  Received
  • Sends Activity Logs via Email or FTP.
  • Record Screenshots.
  • PC Lockdown Scheduling
  • Disables Spyware Detectors.
  • The program runs in total stealth mode

Is it Legal to have Spy Software?

Any software that tracks or collects data from people’s devices with or without their knowledge is controversial. 

Some states have enacted laws for spy tools/ spyware, whereas others passed measures focusing on fraud, computer crime, cyber security or deceptive practices, or identity theft.

The purpose behind spyware, state law, and ownership principles should be taken into consideration while deciding the legality of spy tools.

It is understandable if a parent or employer who pays for computer networks and devices use spyware for their safety.

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To Sum Up

The best email spy tool is not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution as each tool comes with its own set of pros and cons and premium plans. Sometimes you need a full-fledged email marketing software or a quick add-on, free email tracking software.

The main idea behind this should be robust reporting for the benefit of the employers or parents to safeguard their interests and not some malicious purpose.

No matter what your needs are, go for a spy tool that helps you improve the productivity and safety of your organization, even if it comes with a price.


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