5 Diwali Creative Mail Ideas To Enkindle Festive Spirit Among Folks

There is still a day to go for Diwali! And here we are, still hustling our way out to draft effective email marketing campaigns. Last minute or what, you can still pull it off! Because in this article, we have Diwali creative mail ideas to put an end to your worries.

As we welcome the season of harvest called ‘Kartik’, it is an apt time to take stock and reflect on the innumerable gifts we have received in the last year. One such gift which we often underestimate and neglect is our email database.

Sometimes, Diwali wishes sound generic yet has the power to enkindle the festive spirits of your clients. Diwali is the biggest festival in India in terms of culture and sales. 

Many businesses leverage Diwali creative ads and email marketing campaigns to enhance their sales during this celebration period. We cannot begin to tell how much Diwali contributes to the Indian market!

So, let us know why Diwali creative mail campaigns are crucial for the firms.

Why Are Diwali Creative Mail Campaigns Crucial?


While firms do Diwali creative ad campaigns, many students are taught the importance of this festival by Diwali letter writing in English. We all know how letters hit us in such a personal way! Then why not use this technique to connect better with our customers. 

Mail is another form of letter you can write to your customer! The most successful products are the products that got promoted on an idea that implies a mental model that people can relate to. When this happens, they don’t need to explicitly tell you what your need is! They already understand it. The role of the email is simply to call attention to it.

It is one of the reasons why seasonal emails are so effective at being so engaging. Apart from generating sales, there are several benefits of drafting Diwali creative mails. Let us discuss some!

  • Better Communication.
  • Direct Communication.
  • Easier To Create Bonds.
  • Feels Personal.

Diwali Creative Mails That Speaks For Themselves


With just two days to go for Diwali, we all scramble to finalize the preparations and Diwali creative email drafts that we will be presenting to our managers. As our lives get busier and busier, we rely more and more on the power of email marketing to connect with our clients.

We are combining our internet expert views on the Diwali campaign ideas for email marketing. Here are a few of our ideas that are currently in the making.

  1. Diwali Creative Offer Mail.

You can still run the offer mails! There are still two days left for us to make this happen, so being quick is the only thing you have control over. You can start by drafting a short yet catchy Diwali creative copy and putting an offer beside it. 

Emails do not have to be lengthy to create an impression. Actually, short emails are more engaging, direct, and generate sales. So going for the offer mail is one thing you can do at the last minute.

  1. Diwali Greetings Mail To Clients.

Another Diwali campaign idea is to greet your clients with a forward email that makes them feel special. The purpose of emails is to connect with the customers in a more personal way. And what is a better way to connect with them other than greeting?

  1. Diwali Celebration Mail To Employees.
Diwali Newsletter 3

The festival of lights is for people to express their joys with each other and strengthen relationships. And creative corporate Diwali wishes to employees are just the way to make this happen. 

Maybe your firm provides a festive holiday to their employees or not, but simple Diwali creative wishes can lift up the spirits of those employees who long for this cultural festival.

  1. Diwali Creative Email Marketing #greatdeals.

Diwali is incomplete without the great shopping season e-commerce platforms bring to us. Well! It is a little too late to generate email marketing campaigns that pose a great deal. But you can sure as hell promote your products and services. 

Also, you can ask your customers to book their slots for your exclusive services and products. The remaining one day to go for Diwali is such a sizable period to run ‘last chance to book’ email marketing campaigns. 

  1. Diwali Creative Shopping Bonus Mails.

Last but not least! You can run Diwali creative email campaigns offering special bonuses to special customers. It can surely help you make up for the lost days of running an email campaign for Diwali.

Diwali Wishes Email Format | Keep-Up With The Clients

Diwali Wishes Email Format Keep-Up-With-The-Clients

Ever since email became a part of the normal livelihoods of the masses, the e-commerce and brand industry gradually developed more Diwali creative mails. With each enterprise trying to outdo the other in terms of content and overall relevance.

What is most amazing about these email formats is their ability to call attention without necessarily needing an explicit mention of the product being sold. These are probably the most crucial aspects of the email that stands out because it is clear that they are conveying a message that resonates with people.

Though it is one of the many Indian festivals rooted in worship, Diwali is also a season of mindful beginnings. It is the perfect time to revisit the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.  

With such refreshing ideals of the festival, following a necessary norm before beginning to draft any Diwali creative mailer content is such a necessity.

So, let us know what kind of email template format will suit you at the last minute.

  • Short Copy:

You should choose such an email template that does not invite big fancy paragraphs. Because practically you do not have time to write them. So why not stick with the Diwali creatives, small offer copies, or anything that resonates with your email marketing idea.

  • Diwali Creative Attractive Visual:

An attractive visual is crucial if you want your email to be more expressive. Let the words be short and precise, and visuals do all the talking.

  • Smart Animation Email Template:

Your Diwali creative emails become more attractive when you fuse some animation into them. It can be a repetitive firecracker or recurring offer copy. That depends on you. 

However, whatever you choose! What matters most is that you create a remarkable impact on your clients with such amazing Diwali creative mailer campaigns.

How Can You Leverage Mailgaze For Diwali Email Marketing?


There are many drawbacks if you do not know which client /is interested in your emails and which does not. You might be wasting your efforts on getting back to those who don’t need you. 

And as a marketer, this mistake can cause you a great deal if you are exhausting yourself with such extra efforts in the festive seasons. We all know how busiest it can get for people like us!

Therefore, you need email intelligence software that is cost-effective and does all the heavy work. Presently,  Mailgaze is the best email intelligence software that you can have to get whatever information you need to plan your email marketing campaigns. Especially during festivals like Diwali. 

Mailgaze offers to research your competitor’s emails – Using keywords, brand logo, domain name, advertiser’s name, celebrity image, the object in the mailer image, and text in the email. Above all, Mailgaze allows you to track, monitor, and analyze your competitors’ emails. 

Isn’t it crazy! That you can get all the strategic insights of your competitor just with the assistance of one software! 

Well! Moving ahead, Mailgaze doesn’t stop at only monitoring and tracking email campaigns. You can also plan your own email campaigns with tons of new ideas you can have through Mailgaze.

Generating Diwali creative emails is such burdensome work. However! With Mailgaze, it is just a matter of clicks, and bam! You got the perfect Diwali email marketing strategy at your fingertips.

What you have to do is-

  • Search for your competitor using various methods listed in the Mailgaze intuitive dashboard.
  • Tap on the mail you find relevant according to your search.
  • Bookmark all the emails that seem good to you.
  • Go through the detailed insights of all of those emails.
  • Pick the best Diwali email strategy.
  • Modify that Diwali email marketing strategy to fit your resources.
  • Generate your own Diwali creative email marketing campaign.

How can Mailgaze be the best option for your Diwali email marketing?

Let us discover why we insist on opting Mailgaze for a better Diwali email marketing campaign.

  • Saves effort to filter audience profile.
  • Saves money and effort you lend to create effective A/B testing email creative Diwali ad campaigns.
  • You do not have time to waste on knowing what is working for you. Mailgaze helps you find out the fitting Diwali creative email campaign ideas in no time.
  • You can do better than your competitors when you know what their strategies are! Mailgaze lets you spy on competitors’ emails for a better marketing approach.
  • Your only job is to go through various real-life email examples to find your fit.
  • Above all, Mailgaze fits your budget too!

So why wait! Get your Mailgaze account ready now!

And as the festive spirits are high in all of us, in the spirit of togetherness and cheerful affirmations- Mailgaze wishes all its clients, partners, and everyone on the planet a Happy Diwali.

Happy Diwali From Mailgaze!


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