Top 8 Email Marketing Statistics You Must Know

The Global epidemic has taught us a good thing, and that is to be prepared for any changes in a plan. If you are preparing for the future, there is always a chance that things may not go out as you plan. To be ahead in the competitive business environment, it’s always better to prepare for the best and worst scenarios.

In fact, many brands have already become accustomed to the situation and moved their business to online platforms where it’s easy to interact and communicate with customers digitally. Thanks to email marketing, it has been easier for marketers to reach their potential customers even at a time of the pandemic.

Since last year the email marketing statistic reports have shown that if marketers can dominate over the inbox of their potential customers, they have the opportunity to grow their sales exponentially.

From just plain text emails to hyper-personalized email templates design, email marketing is growing bigger. And with that, the competition is also becoming intense. So here we are revealing the top 10 email marketing statistics that you must know.

Widespread Usage of Email- 

From the analysis, we have found that after the global lock-down, businesses have started targeting online with email. In 2019, it counted around 3.9billion email users across the world. And based on the growth, it is expected that by 2023 it will grow more than 4.3 billion figures. That’s already half of the current world’s population. This clearly shows the power of email marketing, and being a marketer, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to gain max exposure for your business.

Email Marketing Gives You Better Returns-

It’s not a surprise that email advertisements are getting quite popular. Going by stats, we can see that the ROI due to email marketing has grown a lot. For every dollar spent, it is expected that you may gain around $42 in return (based on 2019 starts). And that number seems to be increasing more and more. Even now, with so many social advertising platforms, email marketing is still considered one of the best mediums to acquire sales.

Billions of Emails are Sent Every day-

The number says the fact that this year on average- 306 billion emails are sent every day. And it is expected to cross over the figure of 361 billion marks by the end of 2024.


Over the years,  we have had many more options to reach and communicate with audiences who can be converted into potential customers. Compared to other ways of approaching customers,  stats have shown that emails are effective and still one of the most popular means of communication.

Email for Content Distribution-

More than 80% of professional marketing experts believe that email marketing can bring you more acquisition and retention. That is the reason why email is still one of the most favorite content distributing options for marketers.


The statistical data shows that 87% of marketers prefer to use email marketing for sharing their newsletters, blogs, press releases, etc. And it’s the third most popular content distribution platform, just behind social media and website blog space.

Compared to other inorganic ways of generating traffic, email marketing seems to be quite cheaper. And 9 out of 10 marketers believe that it’s easier to share content with emails rather than investing time and money on other platforms.

Emails Help You Reach Customers ASAP-

Most people expect to receive emails from their favorite brands. Based on the report of Statista, 49% of consumers said they would love to get promotional emails from their favorite brands. So if you are worried about sending emails too often, don’t worry. You just need to come up with special offers to keep the interest of your potential customers. And in return, you will get more sales results for your business.

Tools Can Help You With Email Marketing 

There are many AI-based software, which you can utilize to make your email marketing more effective. Nowadays, marketers make use of automated emails and also analyze competitors’ strategies to improve their own efforts. With such tools, you can save most of your time and efforts since such software automates or schedules most of your tasks ahead of time. The analytic data shows 30% of marketers rely on some tools and software to save their time and efforts.

Likewise, MailGaze is an email intelligence tool that can help to find and analyze your competitor’s email marketing strategies. Using MailGaze, you can strategically outwit your competitors, as you can come up with strategies to connect with your audience. It can help you to track accurate behavioral data of your potential customers, which you can target to generate more conversions for your business.

Personalization Makes Email Effective

Nowadays, marketers segmentize and personalize the email based on the behavioral interests of the audience. Based on the expectation of your audience, you can deliver them what they want. And in return, you ensure more sales for your business. Based on the survey, it was found that people would look after the personalized mails (increase 50% chances of getting clicks), which seems to be helpful to them in one way or another. 

So, if you want to get more conversions from your email marketing, why not check the best email marketing campaigns of your competitors? Using MailGaze, you can look for the emails targeted at the same audience as yours, and accordingly, you can replicate them to create winning personalized email marketing campaigns.

Reach With Mobile Audience

If we go by the numbers, since the usage of smartphones has increased, email open rates have grown by more than 100%. In fact, nowadays, most people use their mobile devices to check their emails. Keeping that in mind, you can specifically target mobile users as your potential customers and design your campaigns accordingly. Today, more than smartphone users are accountable for 60% of email opens. And that’s quite a number, which you don’t want to miss in your email marketing.


Conclusion: Email Marketing Statistics-

So to summarize the email marketing statistics in the end, here also we are showing you some highlight data that might help you…

  • It is expected that by the end of 2022, email users  number will cross over the mark of 4.3 billion which is actually half of the world’s population. 
  • With email being such an effective marketing platform, still only 64% of marketers rely on it. But that also gives you more opportunity, as there is less competition compared to other social media platforms.
  • It is also noted that marketers who segment their campaign properly in a personalized way, can increase their chances of conversions by 760%.
  • If you see by the region Asian Americans are most prominently known for using emails in the US (92%), by white people (91%), African American users (88%), Hispanic users (85%), and American Indian or Alaskan Native users (83%).

These are all the data based on various surveys and reports by different marketing firms and agencies. Here we have brought you these data so you can analyze them and accordingly apply strategies in your own email campaigns to gain more ROI.

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