Top 17 Blogs of 2019: We Declared Out Loud To The Universe About The Secrets Of Email Marketing

Mailgaze, we smash you with competent ways to understand and compare your competitor’s email marketing campaigns with this year in review.


In 2019, we got you the best email marketing services for your business, to help you get the best upcoming digital marketing trends. It provides the best opportunity of targeting your desired audience.

Best Email Marketing Services

We helped you make strong CTA’s to engage more!

Mailgaze helped people make higher marketing conversions with compelling CTA buttons to increase the organic reach.  In the whole process, we used our product every day to understand the things in the best way possible.


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There are many more ways to follow…stay tuned!

We became the best tool to become the email automation services for beginners. 

 An-Ultimate-Guide-to Email-Automation-For-Beginners

Using automated email services, create emails, and share it with your organic followers. This feature helps in controlling automation based on marketing needs. Depending upon the desired niche, track the emails of your rivals, to gain more trending ideas.  

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Welcome to the top Email Marketing Hacks To Enhance your Growth Rate!

email marketing campaigns

Upgrade your communication with the audience. Though challenges of email marketing services are increasing at a high pace, however, using this hack will help you get great results.  

Check Out The Best Email Marketing Hacks!

Email Marketing integrated with the upcoming CRM strategies. 


Auto tracks the emails of your rivals and creates the custom list that you wish to spy on. It helps in targeting your niche audience in the most desired way. This feature also lets you target the promotional emails in your native place. 

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We provided you top 03 Email Copywriting Formulas. 


It’s an excellent feeling to have explicit strategies to motivate people to subscribe to your email. Therefore, check out the best formulas for email copywriting that captivate users to make them hit the call-to-action.

Optimum Copywriting Formulas!

We implemented upcoming marketing ideas. 

You might be able to enhance your marketing sales by implementing the desired email marketing ideas. Furthermore, even after making desired efforts, if you don’t get any good results, you may need to make some changes to your strategies to create more sales. 

Top-10-Email-Marketing Ideas-To-Boost-Your-Sales

Learn More About The Latest Marketing Ideas

Monitor your rivals email marketing program 


You can also spy on rivals’ email marketing programs to have more control over the market. Therefore, you will learn many other aspects of email marketing that can help you achieve further conversion from sales. 

Monitor Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Mailgaze tried to bring a solution through emails to all marketers seeking to create more conversion for their company. Find out the best practices that will help you improve your strategy for email marketing. It also leads to more opportunities for sales to grow your business.


Analyze Your Marketing Practices

We provided bonus tips to win back customers with Email. 

To help the best with the daily changing of people’s preferences, we shared some of the actions to provide the best possible way to engage with the followers. 


It is not difficult to attract old customers again if achieved with a certain level of intellect. Check out some of the metrics in your email marketing campaign and that you will be able to get all the customers for your company. 

Win Customers Back With The Email

We debunked some of the common email marketing myths.


We shared these myths for all the savvy marketers, which would help them to know about email marketing campaigns, that may hurt the business conversions. 

If you’re really curious to find out the truth, we’ve put together a list here that you need to know.

Check Out The List Of Email Marketing Myths

We shared the best 2020 email marketing predictions.


In business landscapes, email marketing is booming these days. Therefore, most of the business organizations are using the latest email marketing tactics to enhance their brand interaction with potential customers. 

Thus, based on the patterns and developments in the corporate world, marketing strategies will change.

Here are the top, 

2020: Email Marketing Predictions

Know about the past, present, and future of Email Marketing       

Mailgaze shared this post to make people aware of the changes which took place, taking place, and going to take place with email marketing.   

Evolution Of Email Marketing: Past, Present, And Future

If you also wish to unlock the secrets of email marketing and know how it became one of the most efficient online marketing platforms for e-commerce. 

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Take a look at the ideas to win Halloween Email Campaigns. 

Halloween – Zombies are roaming the street, so you better be fast on your feet!

halloween email marketing

It is probably the perfect day for marketers to connect with consumers and win large sales for their company. Therefore, we share the tips and enticing ideas about how to run Halloween Email Campaigns for your business. 

Win Halloween Email Campaign

Enhance your B2B Email Marketing In 2020

email marketing campaigns

To help people implement a successful email marketing technique, and build a healthy relationship with your customers, we share some of the effective ways. 5 Tips to enhance B2B email marketing include – 

  • Catchy Subject Line
  • Know Your Clients
  • Be Brief
  • Create Authentic And Customer-Focused Content
  • Create A Message That Is Easily Understood By Anybody

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Learn about the Email Marketing Tactics for Black Friday 

Black Friday – Friday after thanksgiving, and said to be one of the world’s biggest shopping days. Thus, we shared this post to help our users to run great email marketing campaigns to get a large volume of revenues and heave leading traffic.

If you wish to get more leads and come out with flying colors for upcoming Black Fridays, then check this. 

Email Marketing Tactics For Black Friday 

Choose The Best Email Marketing Service 

Over the years, the need for customer engagement has grown, and it has seen its most important need in the present time. So if you intend to dip your toes into the water and create greater interaction with your clients, then the solution is email marketing.

Considering this, we shared the best ways to select the Best software. 

Choose The Best Email Marketing Service

So, this was a year in review 2019 with some of the informational and interesting blogs. We are putting in to add many more new and attractive features to Mailgaze this 2020.  

We’d love to know your favorite of our posts? Don’t forget to tell us  about the articles you’d like to see and the topics you’d like us to discuss in future blog posts. Write and share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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