Email Marketing Tactics For Black Friday 2019

Black Friday is here, and like every year, it is coming again this year with a big holiday sale. For those who don’t know what Black Friday is? It is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is one of the world’s biggest shopping days, also considered the first day of Christmas.

On this day, retailers offer special discount prices that bring a large volume of shoppers, leading to heavy traffic for sales. Thus this day brings about huge profits for both customers and marketers. And as a retailer, if a person is not running a lucrative win back email campaigns online during the sales period, they are just leaving so much money on the table.


Why go for email marketing on this Black Friday?


As of now, in 2019, more than half of the world’s population has email accounts.  And email plays an important role in every part of our lives as a professional, personal, and consumer. With the increasing competition in the market, many fake brands have come into existence, which has increased the demands for brand authentic and customer-centric promotion.

Presently, email marketing is falling among the biggest technological trends. And many companies have started using AIs and other machine learning software for increasing their sales and productivity. Even people using various social media require email signup and login.

Black Friday is almost here and what better way to increase your retail market than the most excessively used web-based connectivity platform. And in this Black Friday, if you are not seeing the email channel as a money-making machine, you have the wrong strategy.

This Friday after Thanksgiving is the best opportunity for any brand, to gain and nurture more visibility using email-marketing. This will contribute to increasing the brand’s recognition. During this sales period, the effective email-marketing campaign can result in the growth of revenue. Also, as a brand, if you wish to drive more traffic to your website on the busiest shopping day of the year going along with the 21st century’s latest email-automation trends. With email automation, you can develop trust among your existing and potential customers by creating an automated journey using specially designed Black Friday emails.

How to run an email marketing campaign for this Black Friday?


Well, you have planned to run an email marketing campaign this upcoming sales period, but don’t forget that you are not the only one. This holiday period, every other brand will also be there on the same pit competing against you and others for making the maximum retail profit on Black Friday. Hence, to stand your brand over the others and to run a successful email marketing campaign, here are some highly efficient tactics:

Choose a Black Friday themed template:

This Black Friday, we are planning to make the huge sales, and this will not be possible if we send out an average looking Black Friday email for campaigning our brand. Thus you should theme your emails accordingly to make them more responsive. To make your email more appealing, create a good mix of images and text that makes your email easier to perceive. You can also choose from several templates available online, edit them, and use them accordingly. Keep a simple, atheistic, and material design to grab more audience eyes.

 Offer the pre-sale:

Like every year, Black Friday brings huge growth to the eCommerce business. This does not mean that you will do email-marketing of your brand only during the holiday period. To build a stronger connection with your existing customer base, you can offer some special pre-sale offers and discounts to your loyal and high-value customers. 

This type of early deals helps the brand to get their existing customers hooked to shopping for your products. Moreover, they also help in promoting your products to their contacts that will help in building potential customers for holiday sales. And you can also present some of your VIP customers with some added steeper discounts to build deeper trust.

Play with offers and discount:

As a smart marketer, you should play with the psychology of your customers. Whenever you design your email, create a small campaign by displaying images of some of your key products, as the visuals are more attractive than text.

You can also tease their minds by creating mysterious product ads to build up tension and suspense for your upcoming products. 

In addition, to increase engagement with your customers, you can provide them with everyday surprises in this sales period. 

In addition to this, think about who doesn’t like playing the game, even the oldest of them, get hooked when they play any game. 

So why not promote your brand with some games by adding games in your email campaign. Your email campaign can direct your customers to your website that will present them with certain discounts and offers on playing games like quizzes, spin-wheel, etc.

Go a step further:

During this holiday, every approaching day towards the sales day is different, and you can’t possibly think of sending similar email lists to your recipients, every day. 

You need to design a new email list for every single day for your email campaign. After creating a separate email list for every day, managing these email lists is a pain in itself. 

So to make this managing task simpler, you can make use of a simple web service named Mailgaze. 

Mailgaze is an online platform that assists you in managing all your email lists. It also schedules all your emails according to your recipient. In addition to this, it helps keep track of your competitor’s email campaign and produces a detailed overall report of all the items needed to run your campaign.


Schedule emails accordingly:

By now, you might have got some ideas about how to design and present your email marketing campaign. Also, you are well aware that you are not the only one doing email marketing this holiday season, so now it is important to learn how to make your email different from others.

While sending your Black Friday email, you must be highly active when most of the users are active online. It has been seen that most of the people actively check their emails between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Although, at this time, the number of competitors will also be more. So you need to make sure that you stand out from others.

At the beginning of this holiday period, the number of competitors is small, and which is why this is the right time when you can steal more subscribers. You should start your campaign weeks before the sale.

This initial campaign will help in generating more traffic to your website for upcoming sales by creating hype in this holiday season. And as your customers keep getting tons of marketing emails in their inbox, this will help your emails in developing a greater presence in the minds of your customers.

A/B testing your subject lines:

For getting the higher open rates for your email, there are several aspects associated with it, like time/day, weather, political conditions, etc. however, one of the most important aspects that define the open rate is your email’s subject lines. Normally based on your experience with the email list, you can create a better subject line for your emails for higher open rates.

To get the best subject line for your Black Friday email, you can apply a simple trick of A/B testing your subject lines. In which you will send version 1 of the subject line to 25% of your recipients and version 2 to the other 25% and based on the higher open rate from both versions, the winning subject line sent to 50% of the remaining recipients.  In this way, you will get the idea about which is the best-suited subject line for your email.

Create urgency:

By creating a situation of urgency, you make your consumers realize that a certain deal or offer is limited for a time, or limited in number. This triggers the customers to rush and buy your products. So, this Black Friday sends your customers emails that evident that the offers on your products are for a limited period. Also, you can create emails specifying a limited number of products in your sale so that you can push your consumers towards the purchasing decision.

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In Sum


An hour of planning can save from hours of doing.

So in this Black Friday, to skyrocket your sale as a retailer, you need to double down on your email marketing campaign. And if you still haven’t made your campaign strategy, don’t worry, you’ve still got time, and with the above tips, you can still create an amazing marketing campaign.

Finally, give your customers something special on this holiday sale, so that you become an excuse to spend all of their holiday savings.


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