Evolution Of Email Marketing: Past, Present, And Future

A long time ago, Ray Tomlinson sent the first email in the year 1971. Since then, 48 years have gone, and it leads to many changes and evolution in email marketing. Even though, many of the marketers do think that email has ripened long ago and there can’t be any further changes. However, that’s not really the case. In fact, with the growing evolution of email marketing, it has become one of the most efficient online marketing platforms for e-commerce.

Believe it or not, email can deliver you much better results than other marketing platforms. While from past to now, because of its growth, the potential of email marketing is touching new heights. Nowadays, email has become one of the most competitive platforms for marketing purposes. If you want to succeed in your business using email marketing, you need to polish your strategies and be ready to face new challenges in the future.

Let’s hop in to learn about the changes which happened, happening and going to happen with email marketing.

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Email Before Year 1990s:

As we all know that in 1971 an American computer programmer Ray Tomlinson sent the first email through the network of ARPANET system. This network is also known for its credit to the development of modern days of Internet technology. Over time, the Internet became accessible to the public, and AOL started providing it’s email services around the year 1990s.


On those days, email platforms had closed communications. That means that the receiver and the sender of an email should use the same platform.

Note:- If you see, you can find that current social media uses the same concept. In which user on one platform can’t communicate to the users of other platforms.

Email After Year 1990s:

After the year 1990, email started to catch the attention of the public. New platforms like AOL, Yahoo! and Hotmail got introduced with the open communication platforms. With the introduction of open communication, it became possible for the users to send and receive emails on different platforms, apps or devices. 

Over time, email started prevailing its popularity, and even marketers started showing their interest in emails. Because of the open communication channel, anyone could email to anybody. That’s when the word “Spam” got introduced in the Oxford English Dictionary, which was due to the bombardment of spam mails only. 


Later on, spam emails discovered as a serious problem. And inbox got flooded with the unwanted and not useful spam emails. That’s the time when the “junk” button got introduced, which helped the users to remove all the spam emails from their device.

Emails At The Late 1990s and 2000:

Just before the start of the 21st century, HTML emails came into the market. Before that, emails were plain text which seems to be boring to users. But after the introduction of HTML templates and designs, people started finding emails more amusing and interactive. Later on, with the combination of CSS and HTML, it became possible to create attractive emails.


Email After 2000:

The twenty-first century came up with further advancement to email technology which leads to mobile email services. It became highly popular among the people. In fact, in 2008, the ex-president of the USA Mr. Barack Obama became the first president to use mobile emails. And he also admitted his addiction to BlackBerry mobile messenger. Later Apple introduced iPhone with HTML and CSS based emails which were more interactive and amusing for users. It leads to the decline of BlackBerry mobile emails with plain text.

 Present Age Email Marketing:

Nowadays, email marketing has become much more complicated than earlier. It’s easy for marketers to fall for the negative feedback loops, which leads to low email deliverability. While marketers have also come up with the ideas to filter their list of subscribers list and only send emails to the engaging audience. But it was not easier said than done for the marketers who have a huge number of subscribers on their list. To sort this problem, marketers make use of email marketing tools and services (like MailGaze). Using such services, it becomes easier for marketers to sort out active subscribers who want to invest in their brand products.


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How To Use MailGaze To Unlock The Secrets of Email Marketing?

The most important thing about email marketing is- how to reach the inbox of the subscribers. Even with the highly compelling emails, you can’t be assured of securing a guaranteed space on the subscriber’s inbox. Instead of wasting time and money on unprofitable campaigns, it is better to track and analyze your target audience. And that is where MailGaze comes handy for marketers. It has an automated feature using which you can hunt down the best performing email adverts of your competitors. While you can empower your own email marketing tactics to claim more ROI for your business.


  • It has automated tracking feature which finds the best performing promotional emails of competitors. That way, you could be able to gain more ideas to improve your conversions through email marketing.Untitled-design-10 
  • Here you also have the option to create the custom list of the websites which you want to target. It will help you to learn more about how to attract more subscribers on your own website.Untitled-design-9-1024x576
  • This tool also lets you target the promotional email campaigns of your native area. That way, you can target your email campaign at your native location more efficiently.


It’s quite obvious to see that when you use a powerful and advanced email analytic tool like MailGaze, you can always be ahead in the competition. And it will help you to gain more sales conversions for your business.

Evolution of Email Marketing In Future:

Be prepared to face lots of more email marketing challenges, as this platform will be evolving more and more in the future. Some marketers also think that email marketing has been losing its shine. But that is totally wrong. In fact, with the time email has grown its potential by delivering more sales and conversions compared to other marketing platforms. And in the future, we can’t find any solid reasons which can make email marketing die.


In the future, I think that marketers would concentrate more on the personalization and automation process to progress their email marketing campaigns. It will become easier for them to target their audience based on time, geographical location, seasonal tactics, and behavior, etc. Email marketing would become easier to control with the help of automation.


To sum up this article, from the past till now and in the upcoming future, email marketing seems to be growing it’s potential more and more. We haven’t seen the future, but based on the stats and reports, we can assume that the evaluation of email marketing will bring better future for business. 

If you have more thoughts about future email marketing, you can write to us in the comment box given below.

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