8 Email Marketing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Do you believe that emails have grown old for digital marketing? Though email marketing strategies have been working around for quite a while, it hasn’t lost shine. However, the long history has inevitably given birth to some rumors and myths about email marketing.

As a savvy marketer, you should know about such myths about the email marketing campaign, which can also hurt the conversions in your business. If you are really curious to find out the truth, then here we have compiled a  list of email marketing myths which you need to know:

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Myth 1#: Email Marketing Doesn’t Work:

It’s the biggest myth in which many of the marketers still believe. Indeed, it’s true that it won’t be any easy for marketers to gain easy conversions from email marketing. With time, the competition on the platform has grown a level ahead. According to the stats, emails have more potential to drive traffic and conversions for your money site. While it’s true that nowadays, subscribers have become astute and they became accustomed to ignoring emails which don’t concern them.


In such a case, marketers need to come up with the alluring and engaging content, which can grab the attention of the people.

Myth 2#: Focus Of Every Email Should Be Conversion:

Stats have shown that emails can give a better outcome with conversions compared to other marketing platforms. That is the reason why most of the marketers focus their email campaigns to gain conversions. It’s not necessary that you could be able to increase conversions every time. As your campaign would proceed, the growth slows down, and ultimately you won’t be able to gain the results what you have expected.

Do you want to know why?

It’s simple. If you focus too much on conversions, you will end up promoting your products and services all the time. It will become annoying for subscribers to receive only promotional emails which are not useful for them. First, you need to add value to the inbox. Otherwise, your emails will cause spams only, and ultimately it would get thrashed in the end.


Keep that in mind that your content shouldn’t focus only on conversion while it should also focus on the engagement, as engagement can only ensure the gateway to success for long-term sales conversions in your email marketing.

Myth 3#: Ask For Permission To Get Into Inbox:

There is no guarantee which can ensure that your emails will reach the inbox. Even though there is not a single doubt that approval of the receiver is necessary. However, it’s just a first step of a long staircase.


To secure your place in the receiver’s inbox, you need to enhance engagement with them. The more you will be responsive to the words of your users better will be the chances that your emails will reach the inbox tab.

Myth 4#: More Emails Can Annoy Your Customers:

Do you believe sending too many emails to customers can annoy them? That’s the wrong approach. Email frequency indeed is one of the reasons why people tend to unsubscribe while its only good for you to filter out those who are not really interested. If your emails are for their use, then you could be able to gain engagement on your content.

Adding a single mail more can help you to generate more conversions for your business. Based on the research of market charts – after sending an extra email per month, it gets 38% more open rates and 3.5% more clicks from their emails.


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Myths#5: Uninterested People Will Leave By Themselves:

Do you believe that people who are not interested in your services will unsubscribe your list by themselves? 

From what I have experienced myself, there are least chances of happening that in reality. Most of the time, it is the marketers’ job to purge their email list and remove inactive users from that.


You may think – why you need to filter out the unengaged subscribers from your list?

The answer is simple as some of the subscribers are not checking your emails, it may also affect the click-through rate of your website. That can also influence the deliver-ability of your emails in a negative way.

Myth#6: No Need To Send Emails To Inactive Users:

As a marketer, I don’t advise you to stop sending emails to those who are inactive for 3 or 4 months. You should at least wait for 6 to 7 months before filtering those users from your email lists. There might be a chance that they are not checking their emails since they are on a vacation trip and they may check your emails after returning back. 

From studies, we have known that in more than 20% of cases, inactive users check their emails after 5 to 6 months. With the slightest possibility of gaining more conversions, you shouldn’t purge your email list before waiting enough.

Myth#7: Email Can Single-Handedly Make You Win:

Though email is indeed a standalone channel which can help you to enhance sales for your business. However, if you want to leverage its true potential, you should integrate it as a part of your overall marketing strategy. Email marketing can help you to gain much better revenue if you would integrate other marketing platforms. It can help you to grow your subscribers so that you can extend your email marketing reach.



Myth#8: Email Marketing Services Are Not For SMEs:

Some of the marketers also believe the email marketing tools are only for big shot companies and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) aren’t benefiting from it. In fact, nowadays, most of the SMEs are investing in email marketing services like MailGaze, which are quite affordable, and it also helps them to be more competitive in the market.

About MailGaze – 

MailGaze is a powerful analytic tool, which can help you to analyse and track your competitors’ email campaigns. Planning an email marketing campaign without giving proper thought to budget is like wasting money. In that case, this tool can be a big help to your email campaign as it allows you to check the best promotional emails of your marketing rivals. It can also help you to revise your email marketing strategies and empower your campaigns to bring better sales for your business.

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Recap – Email Marketing Myths:

To sum it all, we can say that emails still have the potential to deliver results for your business, and it couldn’t be overtaken by platforms soon. It’s better to ignore those rumors which prevail myths about email marketing and set a clear vision to achieve your marketing goals.

Be aware of such myths, which can obstruct your path to gain enormous ROI for your business. If you want to share your thoughts and experience about email marketing, please mention that in the comment section given below.

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