4 Obvious Ways To Win Customers Back With Email

Before getting started with the ways to win customers back with an email, let’s glance at this tongue in cheek quote given by a renowned email marketer, Ramsay Leimenstoll-

“A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.” 

That’s precisely email marketing is all about. It is about attracting people that will always remain trustworthy and committed towards your services. And the same we’re going to talk today. 

You got it right! The customers! It’s very apparent that once in a while, some of your customers get detached regarding our services. However, it’s not like that they have given up on your business forever. You can revive their interest once again with the help of powerful email marketing campaigns. 

You might wonder why to focus so much on regaining gone customers, instead of target new ones. Right! It is critical to retarget customers. Because…

Customers who have already used your services are more likely to convert in comparison to people who are alien to your business. That’s quite evident! Ask yourself! How many of you go for trying products from an entirely new brand? None or few! That’s why winning existing customers back is something you cannot take for granted. But how to do that. 

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Re-Pitch Is Must

Here are the ways by using which you can write emails to reconquer the hearts of your old customers- 


Making a great re-pitch to customers is not difficult if it gets implemented with practical ideas. For example, if the majority of your customers usually do shopping in bulk. Then, they would most probably get motivated to shop from you again if offered free shipping prices. Right! Another best tactic you can apply for wooing customers is by creating a vibe of an urgency. You can do this by providing deadlines for your offer. For example, you can write like Get one iPod free, Offer active till 5 p.m. of 23rd. 

Blend Your Email Writing With Personalization- 


If you want to win customers back with an email, then relevancy factor should be there in your email marketing campaigns. If a customer has a past purchasing history regarding some of your specific products, then, at first, pitch them for those products only. You have to analyze the behavioral pattern of the customers and accordingly take decisions. 

Who doesn’t like to buy free stuff at their birthdays, marriage anniversaries, or special occasions? Everybody, I think! So, send personal emails to your customers on their birthdays and all. You can also add specific information in emails regarding nudge customers entirely. 

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Give Customers Fear Of Missing Out-


The concept of FOMO is not a delusion. It exists! Fear of missing out has become quite commonplace these days in this social media era. Nobody wants to miss out on things that are interesting as well as beneficial for them. 

If some of your customers haven’t visited your site for a long time, then email them and create a FOMO regarding some discount offers. So, it triggers them moreover give them an adrenaline rush to come right away on your website landing page. 

Request Customers To Update Their Email Priorities- 


It’s a fact that the email preferences of people change quite often these days. For example, you have pinpointed a specific group of your customers, who is not taking any buying action as a response to your emails. Then, asking those customers to update their email priorities is the best way to engage with them once again. 

You can ask them directly why they are not opening your emails. What happened? Had they expected something else from their business? You can also send them emails with the list of new offers to make them what they are missing. Don’t panic, if they unsubscribe, as it’s nothing but the elimination of an email address that was creating a negative impact on your email campaign open rates. 


Bonus Tricks: 

Go For Segmenting Your Email List- 

Before starting your win customers back with email campaign, it’s very critical for you to go for the segmentation of your email list. As, this will make sure that the right message reaches out to the right customer at the right time. Because sending win-back email to people who are already using your services is a waste of time. For instance, if there is a group of customers who have had a negative experience regarding your services. Then, to revive them, you can set the vibe of your emails such as “everybody deserves a second chance”, “we’re ready to make things right”, and something like this.

Make Use Of An Impactful Subject Line-

When it comes to winning customers back with email subject line plays a very influential role. As, it makes a powerful impact on the psyche of the detached customers. Your email’s subject line can push them to think once again before saying goodbye to your services forever. So, draft them by taking the proper time, thinking about how you can make it read more impactful. Here are some examples you can consider for your win customers back email campaigns.

  1. Is Everything Over? 
  2. Are You Done With Us? 
  3. Come Back And Save Us. 
  4. Is This Goodbye Forever? 
Pitch Customers With Varying Content- 

Many times customers become bored with your email also. That’s why you should try to pitch them with a varying range of content such as newsletters, educational email, welcome email, promotional email, and much more. So that readers always get something new to consume. After all, you are trying to convey a similar thing with your emails, but the way of saying should be different from each time. 

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Start Using Email Marketing Tools- 

As we all aware, email marketing has become a leading source of attracting potential customers for businesses these days. Without a doubt, consequently, competition has also increased. Every business are making use of this marketing tactic. So, for remaining ahead of your competitors, I have something to suggest to you people. Start making use of email marketing tools like MailGaze. It is an excellent platform where you can get the following benefits for your email campaigns- 



Tracking of emails:

Through MailGaze, you can look after all the top-performing email ads of your business competitors. This marketing platform consists of an advanced search mode that helps you to find an abundance of data regarding your competitor’s emails. Here you can also filter different emails based on age, gender, keywords, date, and much more. 

Analyze and Compare Emails:

According to this feature, you can analyze the daily, weekly, and monthly emails of your competitors. You can also know about the landing page URLs of your competitor’s emails moreover their final destination. 

Target Specific Website and Keywords:

MailGaze also has an attribute using which you can target emails of specific websites.

These were the best approaches you can do to win customers back with an email. Attracting old customers again is not difficult if done with a certain level of intellect. I hope you implement the above mentioned metrics in your email marketing campaign and able to retrieve all the customers for your business. 

Do you know more tactics concerning win customers back with email? If yes, then don’t shy away to mention them here in the comment section below. 

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