Email Marketing Best Practices For Growing Your Business

Every entrepreneur hopes that they can give their best efforts in marketing. So, you won’t have to be regretful about not gaining results for your business. Email marketing is one of the best ways to find customers, using which you could be able to acquire more customers for your business. Here we have found a list of email marketing best practices, following which you can enhance focus on campaigning efforts to grow your business.

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Top 10 Email Marketing Best Practices-

Do you think that guidelines are like a restriction to your creativity? Yah! That may be right, but if you think carefully, you will find that these guidelines are not for limiting your creativity. It’s just a medium to give the right path to your creativity.


Now, are you ready to follow the guidelines for your email marketing campaign? If yes, then let’s get into it.

Verify Your Subscribers-

Suppose someone has recently subscribed to the email list of an email marketer. In such a case, the marketer needs to make sure that the new subscriber wants to be on their contact lists or not. To reduce the spam complaints, sending a “double opt-in” email is the best trick for marketers.

Double opt-in is an email which could be sent to a new subscriber, asking them to confirm if they are ready for subscription or not.

In the end, make sure not to forget about adding a CTA button to confirm the subscription of the user. As a marketer, you should try to create emails which make your services stand out.

Testing Before Release-

Have you heard of advice – Taste your food before serving it. If you are a chef, you don’t want to miss this advice. A similar principle also applies to email marketing. Even the slightest typo in the email can make you seem like a joker?.


If you don’t want your emails to be laughing stock of others, try your best to remove typos and any other kind of mistakes in your emails. While typos are not the only errors which you should be checking, as there might be some other mistakes that may happen as well.

Here are shown the checklist of test which you should confirm before starting your email marketing campaign:

  • Typos or any spelling mistakes
  • Images should be looking correctly
  • Look good on mobile as well as desktop
  • Arrangement of CTA buttons and links
  • Selecting the right contact list
  • Sending to correct addresses

You can take a test trial by sending emails to other members of your team. If nobody finds any errors in your emails, then there will be only limited chances that your email have any mistakes.

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Make Your Subject Stand Out-

To grab the attention of users, marketers should add engaging and attractive subject lines in their emails. With a short and sweet subject line, marketers can make your emails more enticing for their subscribers.


If you also want to create engaging content for your subscribers, try to add a subject line in your emails with 30 to 50 characters. Make sure that the subject line should justify the brand of your company. To make your subject stand out in the inbox, you can also make use of emojis (be careful don’t overuse ?), or you can add the recipient’s name in the subject to enhance a personal touch in your emails.

Optimize Your Contact List:

You need to arrange email contacts in a segmentized way. As you will start gaining more and more subscribers, it will become necessary for you to optimize your contacts list. That way, it will be easier for you to categories differ segment of the email addresses you have in the contact list. Based on which you can send emails to your subscribers.


While you should remove unsubscribes, bounces, blocks and inactive contacts you have in your lists. That way, you can avoid your emails getting marked as spam by some of your old subscribers. There might be a chance that they don’t want to receive emails from you anymore. In such a case, it is better to clear those subscriber addresses from your contact lists.

Make Simple Yet Attractive-

What to gain more subscribers for your brand? For that, you need to make your emails attractive. But it doesn’t mean that you have to overdo it. Overexerting yourself may not give you any prominent result, while it may cause you further problems.


Sure with attractive images and emojis in your email content, you can make it look more amazing. However, overdoing can make you seem like a spammer. Instead of focusing on flamboyance ?, you should work on meaningful content for your emails.

Try Best To Avoid Spams-

Even if the marketer is very cautious ?, there are still chances that they are causing spams with their emails. You might also be sending spam mails without even realizing it.

It mostly happens because most of the marketers do not work for creating their contact. Some of them invest in unreliable services to purchase contacts. It might have worked out for some of the companies, but not necessarily it will work out for you as well.

However, it would be too much work to start building audiences for your emails marketing from a total scratch. To overcome such a problem, you can invest in reliable email marketing services like MailGaze.


MailGaze allows you to auto-track email marketing comms of your competitors. It has a feature using which you can find the best performing emails from your competitors. That way, you could also be able to learn about the audience whom you want to target with your email marketing.

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Add CTA Buttons-

CTAs or Call-to-action buttons are key role players in an email marketing campaign. If you would gain more clicks on your CTAs button, you will be getting more engagement on your money site.

It is one of the most significant factors which can help you to stand out from your competitors.


You should create an attractive CTA button which suits with your brand image. The text written in the CTA should also be alluring to viewers so that they can’t be able to resist themselves from clicking on it.

The other important thing which you shouldn’t ignore is the placement of CTA buttons. It should be viewable to the audience after opening the email.

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Also Add Alt Text-

Usually, alt texts are invisible to the viewers. Still, you should add alt texts to the images in your emails. Do you know the reason why?

To understand the importance of  “alt text” have a look ? at the example given here:

Suppose if a user has a slow internet connection opening an email which you have sent. In such a case, images would take time to load, and it may or may not be visible to the user. That is the case where alt text comes handy, as it will be visible to the user. With adding alt text, you could be able to give a hint to the user and direct them where they should be clicking to invest in your brand.

Being Consistent With Branding-

Consistency is the key to move toward success. If you want to gain more results from your email marketing campaign, then you need to be consistent with your email advertising.


Your subscribers are looking for offers from your side. They won’t be waiting for you all the time. To enhance your conversions, you need to target such audiences with your consistent email adverts. In such a way, you could be able to grow your potential customers and enhance the sales of your business.

Analyse Your Campaign-

To succeed in email marketing, you need to perform better than your competing marketers. For that, you need to develop your email marketing strategies.


You should compare the performance of your emails to your competitors’ emails. It will help you to find the improvements which you will need in your marketing campaigns. While you can also make use of the best- MailGaze email marketing services, which can help you to find the best performing emails of your competitors. It also has a feature which lets you compare and analyze your email marketing performance with your competitors.


To put it all together, here I have tried to bring a solution to all marketers who are looking for creating more conversion for their business through emails. By following the above-shown practices, you could be able to enhance your email marketing campaign. That may also result in giving you more sales opportunities for growing your business.

If you want to  share your thoughts with us, you are always welcome to contact us from the comment section given below.

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