How to Spy On Your Competitors Email Marketing Campaign?

Have you heard of a phrase – Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? It really fits well in the case of marketers. However, you do not need to be worried since there won’t be any harm to have a healthy competition between fellow marketers.

It’s something to expect if you want to grow your business successful. You need to face the competition head-on, and try your best to give a healthy competition to your marketing rivals.

From the last few decades, marketers have been using emails as one of the best media for marketing purposes. They seem to be realizing the fact that with email marketing, they can have better sales conversions in their business.

To have better control over the market, you can also spy on competitors email marketing campaign. That way, you could be able to learn many other aspects of email marketing, which can help you to gain more sales conversion.

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Here are shown some of the benefits of monitoring competitors emails:

Learn From Mistakes:

As a marketer, you want to avoid mistakes which can hurt your business. By watching over the failures of others, you can learn about those errors and try to minimize those errors in your next marketing campaign. During the campaign, there is always a possibility of such flaws. You might have seen some email adverts with a broken link. It can be very embarrassing for marketers when such things happen. By monitoring the failures of other marketers, you can learn and make sure that you don’t have to face similar issues in your own email marketing campaign.


Learn From Success:

Are your competitors getting good results from their email marketing campaign? If yes, then you might also be able to do so. You can make use of similar marketing strategies as your competitors to enhance your marketing campaign. Try to think out of the box and apply marketing concepts which has worked for your competitors in your email marketing campaign.

It might help you to grab some fabulous email marketing ideas through which you can get better conversions for your business. If you are targeting a similar audience, you can also learn a few tricks to attract more traffic on your money site.


For example, you can follow and subscribe for your competitors’ emails, check out the visuals on their emails, watch over the templates they are using, placement of call to action on their email and their overall conversion rate for their business.

Learn About Target Audience:

To gain more conversion from your email marketing campaign, you need to enhance your comms. While monitoring your competitors, you could also be able to learn about their audience. It might help you to find the audience who are interested in your brand as well.

You can also keep attention to the websites of your competitors. It might help you to find the people who have subscribed for their services. You can also target that list of subscribers in your own email marketing campaign. That way, you can increase the number of contacts for your email marketing campaign.


Best Ways To Spy On Competitors Email Marketing Campaign-

Manually you can subscribe for your competitors’ email newsletter. While it can be quite a time consuming, and you might not be able to gain favorable results. It would require countless hours of research and analysis to find the right promotional emails of your competitors. Because of that, you won’t be able to focus on a different variety of email marketing campaign of your competitors.

To bring a solution for that, you can rely on one of the best email marketing services – i.e. MailGaze.

About MailGaze:

MailGaze is an email marketing service which automatically tracks the emails of your competing marketers. You can use this tool to find the best performing promotional emails in your native area. While it also lets you analyze and compare email adverts based on its conversion performance.


It has a powerful database system using which you can store up the best performing email adverts of your competitors.

Here are shown the best features of MailGaze:

Tracking of emails:

Using MailGaze, you can easily track the best performing email adverts of your marketing rivals. It has an advanced search mode which lets you target the specific data of your competitors’ emails. You can also make use of filter option to categories the emails based on the keywords, date, age and gender etc.

Analyse and Compare Emails:

This feature allows you to check the daily, weekly and monthly emails of your competitors. It also identifies the redirecting and landing URLs of specific emails reaching their final destination. Based on the top-performing emails, you can analyse and compare them with your own email marketing campaign.

Target Specific Website and Keywords:

MailGaze has a feature using which you can track emails of specific websites. It also allows you to target email adverts based on the target-keywords.


Location-wise Tracking:

There are some other features of MailGaze using which you can track the emails of your competitors based on the location. That way, you could also be able to access more native emails.

MailGaze is one of the best competitors monitoring tools for email marketing purposes. It helps you to precisely track and analyze the best performing emails of your competitor.

That way, you could be able to unlock more secrets about the email marketing campaign using MailGaze.

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By going through this article, you might have understood the importance of monitoring emails of your competitors. It will help you to learn more about how you can enhance your email marketing campaign to the next level so that you could be able to generate more leads for your business.

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