03 Top Copywriting Formulas For Email Marketing Of Your Business

How will you feel when knowing the sure-shot tactics vis-a-vis email copywriting? I am sure anybody must feel blessed! Having explicit tactics for motivating people to subscribe to your email is an outstanding feeling. But you should have the best email copywriting formulas that not only captivate users but also make them hit on the call-to-action. Right! 

Nowadays, marketers make use of email copywriting formulas that is quite a practical approach towards getting compelling email copy. 

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Email copywriting formulas provide you tips regarding cause a most convincing effect on readers. It’s a process to convert a message into a useful email copy, and transform subscribers into your business prospects. 

So, in this blog, I am going to offer three best email copywriting formulas. You should use them in your email marketing tactics. Besides this, you can also apply them for your blog titles, social media feeds, as well. 

Without any more delay, let’s begin reading! 

Formula 1: P-A-S ( Problem- Agitator- Solution)


I know you’re not very surprised by reading this formula first in the blog. As, it is meant to be one of the best email copywriting practices by marketers. It works for possibly every kind of marketing situation. 

Let’s now move on to its working part!

Problem- At first, you have to mention the difficulties of the audience politely.

Agitator- Now, it’s time for you to put fingers on people’s emotional pulse. You have to confront the problem by talking frankly about it.  

Solution- Lastly, you have to provide solutions to the problems of the audience by putting your products and services at the display. 

The “A” attribute of this copywriting formula is best to get the efficient outcome. It’s quite transparent to agitate you need to point out all the problems about a specific topic in front of the audience. Your writing should be powerful enough to get the idea into the headspace of the readers. And before they start screaming, you have to present the best solution to them in the form of your products. 

To execute all this, you should have a clear idea regarding the “P” a.k.a problems of your audience.

How To Implement This: 

Problem- Fed-up by doing all the social media daily activities manually? 

Agitate the problem- You’re a social media marketer and use to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. With increased demand to be active online 24×7 as a marketer, you are not getting any time for yourself. Do you have no time for your personal life? 

Solution- Don’t bother guys! We have a social media management tool like Socinator. It provides automation features for different social media platforms. Use it and get back to your regular daily lifestyle. 

Formula 2: F-A-B (Features- Advantages- Benefits)


Of course, as a marketer, you do have a complete understanding of your product and services. But, it’s not the case with users. You have to explain them in brief about every facet of your services, so persuade them to take a desirable CTA action. 

It’s a fact that you cannot provide a full summary of your product features to the audience. As, this can make them feel bored and damn sleepy. Giving a brief explanation about your services with an essence of advantages that people can get via it is the best step you can take in this direction. 

That’s all about our next email copywriting formula (Features, Advantages, Benefits) stands for. You have to bring your service as the most significant advantage to the audience (the key to this process).   

Here’s the meaning of it-

Feature- Explain your product elements by keeping it to the point. 

Advantages- Mention all the benefits people can get by using your service and how it can change their lives in a better way. 

Benefits- Tell people about the core values of your services and what they can achieve through it. 

The gist of this whole process is to talk about the features of your service and how they can positively impact people’s lives. 

Are you wondering how to implement this? Here’s a short example!

Its structure looks like this- 

(Insert Features)+ ( Insert Advantages)+ (Insert Benefits).

Example for F-A-B in the form of a tweet can look like as follows-

Our social media management tool can automate all your daily social media tasks, so you don’t have to do them manually. As a result, you can save more time for yourself at the end of the day. 

You can use these fundamentals as the subject lines for your emails. Or apply them in the form of expanded text in the email body.  As a result, you can also stretch the advantages and benefits of your services for the customer to convince them entirely.  

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Formula 3: A-I-D-A ( Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) 



A-I-D-A is possibly one of the most practiced email copywriting formulas amongst the all. 

It stands for the following- 

Attention: Profoundly tempt the audience. 

Interest: Amplify their curiosity cum interest with a compelling set of words. 

Desire: Sow the seed of hunger inside them for the things you offer. 

Action: Expose the tactics to them to get the best solution. 

No doubt, it is a quintessential formula for selling products and services of your business. So, it’s quite workable to use it in the email environment too. As, you want users to take instant action and move from promotional inbox to the ultimate shopping step heading towards the conversation. 

Here’s how could you implement this-

Attention: No matter how much you love your job as a marketer, once in a while, you get fed-up by doing the same tasks repeatedly. 

Interest: Performing social media tasks is a never-ending errand. How do you feel when these tasks get done without your effort? 

Desire: Socinator is there to help you out in every possible social media errand. You can use at any time and make your workload lesser like never before. 

Action: Start our five days free trial right now right here. 

By offering a simple action-provoking setup that solves the problems of customers, this formula is here to stay and works wonders for your business sales. It can work not only in emails but also on landing pages and video scripts. 

Mix Them Up: 

You can also use these three copywriting formulas in one email also or stretch it in the form of an automated email series. 

In the case of P-A-S, you can develop a series of 5 emails. Let’s have a look! 

Email 1: Launch the hugest pain factor of the readers.

Email 2: Extend the problem.

Email 3: You have to arouse the problem of readers even more. Discuss what they lack because of the problem. Slightly, shift the mode of writing towards providing the solution to their problem as your product or service. 

Email 4: Mention the solution explicitly in the form of your business services. 

Email 5: In case if readers don’t convert, then offer them special offers, incentives, and promo codes. 

All the digital marketing experts make use of these kinds of email series whenever launching a new online product or service. 

Additional tip- 

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These were some of the essential pieces of information vis-a-vis different types of email copywriting formulas. Use of them in email marketing campaigns can make your business grow. 

Do you have some more ideas to share regarding this topic? If yes, then please comment in the section below. I am waiting for your response. 

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