How to Integrate Email Marketing With Your CRM Strategy?

No matter what size of business you have, to achieve success, you need to build a good relationship with your customers. In today’s world, marketing is not only about bringing engagement on your platform. While you also need to work on managing customer relationship for your business. So, you could be able to bring more customers on your business platform. 

In the year 1971, the first network email sent by Mr Ray Tomlinson. At that time, nobody would have thought of email as a marketing element. Nearly 4 decades are over from then, and now, email has become a vital part of marketing strategy. 

Nowadays, most of the marketers are utilising email marketing to form a better relationship with their customers. By integrating CRM strategy with your email marketing, you can analyse, track and record every interaction with customers. So, you could be able to respond to your customers according to their interests. 

In this article, you would learn- how to integrate email marketing with your CRM strategy? 

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What is CRM and How It Can Affect Your Business? 

CRM is a technology, implementing which you can manage your relationship with your customers in a better way. That way, it would also help you to learn about the customer’s interests. So, you could be able to gain more engagement of potential customers on your business platform. 


Using CRM software, you could be able to enhance interaction with your customers. All-in-all, you can say that it is a tool which can help you to stay connected with customers. That way, you could be able to respond to their queries, which can help you to earn their loyalty as customers. 

Based on the likes and dislikes of your customer, you can interact with them to improve your relationship. While you can also integrate your email marketing with CRM. That way, you could be able to communicate with your customers in a better way. 

In case if you are looking for email automation which not only allows you to trigger advertising emails while it also helps you to analyse and track the performance of your competitor’s email campaigning, then MailGaze is one of the best options you can have. 


About MailGaze

MailGaze is similar to other email automation tools which let you trigger emails to multiple contacts with a single click. However, it also has a few advanced features which make it completely different from an ordinary email automation tool. 


This tool also allows you to keep track of competitor’s email. While you can compare your email marketing performance with competitors. That would help you to enhance your own marketing campaign. 

Here are shown some special feature of MailGaze: 

  • Using MailGaze, you could be able to learn about the latest email marketing trends in the market. 
  • It has a feature which let you auto-track the emails of your competitors based on which you can make improvements on your marketing campaign. 
  • MailGaze also lets you create the custom list of the websites which you want to monitor. 
  • It would help you to target your audience more efficiently so that you could be able to gain more sales opportunities. 
  • Instead of wasting countless hours on research, you can opt for MailGaze automation, which let you compare and examine your own marketing campaign with your competitors. 
  • It also has a feature which lets you target the promotional emails in your native place. That way, you can improve your own native email marketing tactics to attract more audience on your business platform. 


Integrating Email Marketing with CRM 

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers. It gives you a direct reach to the inbox of your customers and interacts with them in a personalised way by giving them special offers. 


By integrating CRM with email marketing, you could be able to enhance your bonding with your customers. It would help you get detailed information about the concerns of your users. Based on which you can offer them the best possible services for them, and that would also help you to bring more potential leads for your business. 

It would also help you to learn about what people like about your brand and what they don’t like. That way, you could be able to improve your services according to your customer’s interest. 


Why to Integrate Email Marketing with CRM to Reach Your Goals? 

Though Email marketing and CRM are two different entities that can work differently on their own. However, with the integration of both, it will help you to reach your business goals faster. 


Here are shown the reasons why you should integrate email marketing with CRM to reach your marketing goals: 

Increasing Sales Opportunities: 

With email marketing, you could be able to target people who are interested in your brand. While implementing CRM software, will help you to get a better understanding of your potential customers. That way, you could have a better chance of converting those potential customers into real customers. 


Easy to Manage: 

With email marketing and CRM integration, it would be easier for you to manage your marketing data. Using accurate marketing data, you can automate email marketing campaign. So, you could be able to generate more sales opportunity for your business. 


Trigger Actions :

At the end of the current subscription, you can inform users about the renewal of membership while you can also tell them about the newest updates and changes with your services. With CRM integration to your email marketing automation, you can directly trigger emails to inform users about their desired actions. 


Communication With Target Audience :

It will help you to track the purchase’s history of your customer. Using which you could be able to predict their interest, and you can give them offers which they can’t avoid. That way, you could be able to reduce the number of unsubscribes and cart abandonment rate of your business site. 


Get Better ROI :

With CRM solutions, you could be able to have a better understanding of what people think about your brand. It will help you to enhance your marketing campaign so you could be able to drive more potential leads for your business. That way, you could also be able to increase the conversion rate so you can generate better ROI for your business. 

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Tips to Start Email Marketing With CRM Integration 

Here are given some tips based on which you can form a strong foundation for your email marketing-CRM integration. 


  • While choosing the CRM software, you need to opt for the service which gives you multiple features like generating an analytical report, showing a graphical representation of data, easy to store, segment and easy to access data. 
  • You can also make use of different media streams to collect information about your potential customers. Other than emails, you can also interact with your users from social media channels, messengers, blogging etc. 
  • You also need to keep your contact and CRM information up to date. 
  • Segmentize your data based on the tags or your business. It should be more relevant and targeted to your potential customers. 
  • Make use of trigger action in your emails based on the analysis of your CRM solution so that you could be able to drive more customers on your business website. 

CRM integration with email marketing will not only help you in your business while it will also benefit your customers. With the stronger email marketing campaign, you could be to enhance your marketing metrics. While with the CRM approach, you could be able to improve customer relationships. Try your best to make sure that your every customer is satisfied with your service and they would happily come again to invest in your brand products.

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