What Are The Steps To Run A Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

According to the recent statistics of 2019, about half of the world’s population that is 7.7 billion, uses Email. That’s covers around 3.9 billion people all across the world. Also, as per the studies, it is revealed that over 293 billion emails get sent every single day. It is foreseen that by 2023, the total number of email users is going to cross 4.3 billion. Well, all this clearly shows how widely human beings are making the use of email. As a result, an email marketing campaign has become something that we cannot neglect at any cost for business advertising. 

Before moving on, let’s look at some of the history flashes regarding email existence on the face of the earth. 

The very first email was sent in the year 1971 by Ray Tomlinson, an American computer programmer who developed the leading email program on the ARPANET, the progenitor of the Internet. At first, he had used the sign “@” to separate the names of the email users. He had sent a message from one DEC-10 computer ( digital equipment corporation) to another DEC-1 computer system. Roy Tomlinson is an internationally accredited programmer for his excellent research work in the field of online mail development. 

These were some of the quintessential pieces of information vis-a-vis email existence in the world. Now, it’s time for us to get acquainted with the synergies of email marketing for businesses. 

What Is Email Marketing?

It has become a core element of business advertising in present times. Businesses are running different email marketing campaigns for their services and products. People who are wholly blank slates regarding this process might get confused with the term email marketing. 

So, let’s first read this..

It is a process of sending commercial emails to people who most probably will take action of purchasing or any considerable prospect step.

Every message sent to email users by companies can be considered under email marketing if it is related to brand awareness, sales, ads, and all. The entire process of email marketing works according to the database of customers. Businesses usually send emails to their already existing customers or the possible leads for their services. 

In this blog, you are going to walk along the path of all the best initiatives you can take for running a successful email marketing campaign. 

Let’s start!

Step 1. Prepare A List Of Targets: 


If you surely want to make your email marketing campaign successful, then this is the first step you should take forward. Preparation of a targeted email list gives you essential information about all the potential leads of your business. 

The most considered way to start building an astonishing target email list is the conversion of website visitors into website subscribers. However, there is a bad news for you, according to a survey, almost 80% of visitors leave websites without signing-up for the newsletter. 

So, for captivating the attention of given-up employees, I recommend you to make use of exit-purposed popups. These popups can hold-on the concentration of visitors which are about to leave your website for good.  

Step 2. Understand Your Objectives Precisely: 

The motive of businesses behind every form of marketing is to gain something valuable. The same goes for email marketing. To achieve the most desirable objective from email marketing, you should have a clear vision to get there. 

The most evident goals that people want to achieve through email marketing are as follows- 

  • To Make Visitors Aware About Their Business. 
  • For Fostering The Engagement Rates Of Their Website. 
  • Sustaining The Ratio Of Already Existing Customers. 
  • To Gather More Exact Information About Leads. 

Step 3. Get Familiar With Different Email Types: 


Different types of emails exist when it comes to business marketing. However, primarily, there are three influential types of email which you should understand and craft for email marketing. Here are they- 

Promotional Emails- 

The first one is promotional emails that always acquaint people with new offers regarding sales of products and services. 

Relational Emails-

The second one is all we called as relational emails. The principal purpose of these emails is to cater the audience with the things they promised to them. The best example of this is a weekly newsletter. 

Transactional Emails-

The third and last one is the transactional emails. This type of emails are usually sent when some kind of transactions is made by the users from a particular website. 

Step 4. Become A Technology-Savvy: 

For creating a successful strategy for email marketing, it is very significant to understand the technical elements of different platforms. Access platforms on the grounds of availability of following features- 

  • Follow simple methods to create email campaigns. 
  • Inbuilt automation attributes should be there. 
  • Information regarding audience segmentation. 
  • Analytics about different email campaigns data. 
  • Provide integration of content management platform like WordPress.

Step 5. Comprehend Your Audience Like Inside Out: 


If you are new to email marketing, then you have to gather data regarding your target audience- the ones who will utterly take action as a response to your email. 

People who are doing email marketing for a while perhaps already know about their audience. Right? It’s quite a task for newbies. Don’t panic. Once you send off your first email as a business marketing campaign, then you will get to know about people who have taken popular responsive action towards an email in no time. 

Without wasting more time, you can also access platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook insights to find quality information about your audience. These tools are the best to get started in this direction. 

Nowadays, there are numerous email automation tools available on the web. Different email automation software provides distinct features. However, it goes without saying, might one tool works for your business and others not. So, it’s all about analyzing the features of the software and aligning with goals you want to accomplish through email marketing. 

Extra Dose: 

I want to recommend you one of the best email marketing tools that I have ever come across –  MailGaze. It’s an all-in-one email marketing platform, using which you can manage your email marketing strategies, create, send and track email campaigns, get detailed reports, and more. Following are the excellent email automation features which this tool can cater you without any hustle-bustle. 


  1. Explore emails of your competitors to promote, advertise, and market your business in a better way. 
  2. Monitor every single email marketing campaign of your competitors. MailGaze allows you to track specific websites, so you can follow-up them according to all the new emails appear on it. 
  3. Discover new keywords that have been used by advertisers for their business marketing. Also, access daily, monthly, and yearly list of top keywords and its related emails. 

Besides these three, there are a lot of email automation attributes you can enjoy by making use of this mastermind tool. 

Step 6. Draft Attractive Optin Forms: 

It is quite evident that you need to grab more and more people under your email list to make email campaign successful. In this sense, optin forms can do wonders. 

There are different types of optin forms exist that you can use in diverse landscapes of your website. 

Welcome gates- 

Welcome gates are usually the forms which people get to see when they first arrive at any website. They are well suited for conversion. 

Lightbox popups-

This type of optin form appears on any random page of the websites. Whenever these forms gets appeared to the users, then the total content space becomes blank, so as to drive more focus only on this optin form. 

Exit-intent popups-

Exit-intent forms appear when people are about to leave the site- the best time to approach the audience and possibly convert them into a lead for your business. This form can hold-on visitor’s attention for a little longer. 

Step 7. Start Email Creation Work: 


Once you are done with understanding your objective, targeting the audience, learning about different email types, and attracting people into targeted email lists with use of the best optin forms. Now, it’s time for you to finally creating emails for marketing. 

These are the step-wise approaches you should make regarding final drafting of emails- 

  1. Target people as per different email lists. 
  2. Learn the main objective of your email marketing. 
  3. Study of different types of emails. 
  4. Gather information regarding optin forms. 
  5. Assess everything and make a solid email marketing strategy. 

Your created emails should be first exciting, second relevant, the third timely, and fourth intriguing. 

Last mentioned adjective must get used by the people after reading your emails. It is very crucial that you craft emails with a certain humor. So, people feel captivated enough to take instant action as a response to your email. 

Point of concern- Don’t ever send an endless number of emails to your subscribers. As this can surely offend and annoy them at the same time. So, be patient! Follow the entire process step-by-step. 

There are companies who send a complete series of emails to subscribers as a welcome bell. However, they follow the series with a considerable time gap in between each email. 

Step 8. Craft Best Subject Line:

An excellent subject line is a starting point for every successful email campaign. The captivating subject line will make people intrigued and push them to open your email. You can compare the importance of email’s subject line with the attractive title of the blogs. 

Well, most often, you don’t have many words to put into expressions for subject lines. Subject lines are usually created with a maximum of 41 to 50 characters. Also, complete subject lines sometimes don’t even get displayed on the mobile screen. Hence, make sure to add relevant information at the start of the subject lines. 

Your email’s subject line should be the ultimate answer for all the possible inevitable questions of the users. Make sure to involve the following aspects in the subject line-

  • Purpose of the email.
  • Name of the sender.
  • No use of spammy words.

Step 9:  Draft An Excellent Email Copy:


Now, it’s time for you to draft an email copy for marketing. You should include something catchy at the starting of the email. So as to attract people instantly towards it. However, don’t disclose your intentions too early, as this can make your email look a marketing stereotype to audiences. Unfold every marketing errand in your email with a flow. Not too early nor too late. Everything should be in the correct order. 

It has been found many times that personalized emails get better engagement, in short, better lead results. So, personalize your email before sending. There are various tactics to send an email. The easiest way is to address users with their names in your emails. That makes them feel connected immediately with your email in more than no time. According to a study, emails which educate readers in some or other ways get 50% better click-through-rate. 

You can make use of videos, pictures, gifs, and many more to add a sense of relevance in your emails. 

Last but not the least, now the moment has come to create the best call-to-action, the core of your email sample. CTA of your email copy should be relevant, intriguing, brief, and to-the-point.  I recommend you not to use CTA at the very initial stage of your email copy, but at the end of your email. 

Step 10. Pick Best Email Design: 

Email design trait is something we can overlook when it comes to achieving a successful email marketing strategy. That’s why you should look after email aesthetics in a manner. If you don’t pick the right visuals for your email, then it can make it appear hodgepodge. That’s the exact contrary your email should look like which is hone, highly readable, and intelligible. 

As we all know, half the people nowadays receive emails on mobile phones. So, now, it becomes even more vital that you pick the best of the best template for email designing. Your email template should consist automatically resizable feature as per different mediums of recipients.

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Step 11. Test And Implement: 


You can’t get away with your responsibilities after sending emails. The real fight begins mostly after this. It’s time for gathering data from different dimensions. So that, you can make changes for the betterment of your campaigns and apply them. Testing is a never-ending process that you should do thoroughly, hence nothing gets left out from your eyes in regards to the marketing point-of-view. 

All this will help you improve your future campaigns in a very substantial manner. Perform the email testing process with different email designs, types, layouts, CTA, and optin forms. As a result, able to achieve something extraordinary with email marketing. 

These were the best 11 steps you can follow to make your email marketing campaign rock in all possible ways. Moreover, email marketing is all about exploring different aspects of people preferences continuously. So that you can cater them always with something relevant. 

Do you guys have something to share regarding this topic? If yes then, please send me your ideas by commenting in the section below. 

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