Top 10 Email Marketing Hacks To Grow Your Business

For a successful email marketing campaign, you need to improve your communication with customers. Email marketing is all about how you can offer value to the customer. So, you could be able to gain more sales for your business.

Email marketing campaigns have been running around for decades. However, with the growth of competition in the online marketing sector, it became tougher and tougher to gain benefit from email marketing.

Even though email marketing challenges are going hike. However, in the long term practice, it can help you to get better results for your business.

In this article, you will learn about the best Email marketing hacks, that would help you to gain more sales for your business.

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Collect Email Addresses from Everywhere:

If you are a blogger, then you can directly get the email addresses of your readers. However, you shouldn’t stop there only. There are other platforms from where you can contact people to gather their email addresses. With big data technologies, you can collect more email addresses than you can ever imagine. Online survey and interstitial ads are also good ways of accumulating addresses.

You can also target social media channels for gathering email contacts. The best example is Twitter where you can create lead generation card that would help you to collect email addresses for free.

Welcome Emails for Subscribers:

When someone visits and sign-up for your eCommerce platform, they are expecting to hear from you soon. In such a case, you need to answer them with a welcome mail. It would help you to develop your relationship with the people who have subscribed to your platform.


You may believe or not, but based on the Email Marketing stats, welcome emails have more than 86% open rates, and it can help you to generate better revenue compared to the promotional emails.

Encourage Others to Forward Your Email:

You might have limited email contacts, while you can still send your emails to more contacts using chain-mail strategy. You need to encourage your recipient to forward your email to others. 


By giving attractive offers and incentives, you could be able to do so. Using chain-mail marketing, you can enhance your reach with your email marketing campaign.

Use Email for Targeting and Retargeting:

There are email marketing tools like the MailGaze, using which you can easily track the activities of your competitor’s emails. That would help you to find more email contact which you can target. It also has a feature using which you can track the activities happening on your Inbox.


Based on the action and interest of your audience, you can send them email adverts. You can use email forking strategy to redirect the list of subscribers based on their specific interests.

Add Call to Action Button:

Call to action button is the best way of attracting the attention of people on your email. By adding a CTA button, you could be able to drive more traffic to your landing page.


After receiving your email adverts, people might want to invest in your service. In such a case, having a CTA button can help you to redirect such traffic to your business page. That way, you could be able to generate good ROI for your business.

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Make Use of Email Automation:

You want to send emails to every subscriber and customer of your service. However, manually it would be very tough for you to address every email in your contact list. In such a case, you can make use of email marketing tools to automate the process of sending mail. While you can also schedule emails so that you could be able to send the right message to the right person at the right time.


There are many email automation services which allow the scheduling and automate the process of sending emails. However, with MailGaze it not only allows you to automate the process of scheduling emails while it also tracks and analyze the work of your competitors.

MailGaze has other amazing features which allow you to save countless hours of research. So, you could be able to enhance your email marketing tactics to gain more conversions for your business.

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Proper Segmentation of Emails:

It is essential for you to segmentize your contacts according to likes, needs and the nature of his or her business. With the segmentation of email contacts, it would be easier for you to categorize your customers. That way, you can improve your targeting strategy so, you could be able to find more potential sales opportunities for your business.



Give Value  to Customers:

Based on the survey report of email marketers, 30% of retailers give offers to their recipients in their welcome emails. Your aim should be providing content which benefits your customers. That way, you could be able to attract more attention to your business. By giving offers and discounts, you could be able to attract more first-time buyers on your business platform.


And it can also help you to get referrals from such buyers, which is a thumbs-up situation for your business.

Add Unsubscribe Link:

You don’t want to hold your subscribers as hostages on your contact list. Do you?

There might be some people who are not interested in your services and just subscribed on for your service on a whim. It’s better to let them go by giving them the option of unsubscribing your services. It will help you to deal with your fallout complaints. If they are interested in your services, they might rejoin it again.


Don’t Use Image Alone:

Many of the marketers send emails adverts, which only contains a single image. In such a case, there might be a possibility that it can’t be able to reach your recipients properly. In such a case, you can create content in the form of HTML templates and design in an excellent way. Tools like Hubspot allow you to customize your email with drag and drop feature. While you do not need to take help from designers and IT professionals to create a professional email design.


Final Words:

There are many other prospects on which you can work to enhance your email marketing strategies. But here I have included the fatal ones which are essential hacks for your email marketing campaign. By following these hacks, you could be able to improve your email marketing tactics.

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