How To Make A Strong Call To Action For Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

Is growing up your Email subscriber is at the top of your to-do list? Want higher conversions and contest entries? Without a strong CTA, these are mere dreams that can never be achieved.

Even if your content is brilliant, it won’t convert people to clients if you don’t have the right CTA in your email.

You don’t need just any CTA button, you want a clear, compelling CTA button, that convinces people to act. Two foremost objectives of a Call-to-action  –

  • Tell individuals what they should do
  • Give them the motivation to do so

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But What Is A Call To Action Button?


The button which links to someplace away from email, for the most part to an online application or a website. The button which helps the viewers to take action.

CTA buttons play a significant part, and they are crucial because they strengthen the CTR by drawing it simple for the readers to identify the next steps what they need to take.

There are attributes which make the CTA buttons unique, and they have many benefits attached to it that linked text doesn’t have –

Design  Different designs and elements such as gradients, shadows can be used to design an ideal CTA button.

Buttons often have design elements that links don’t, such as gradients, shadows, and other effects. These design elements hold the attention of the readers.

Size Buttons size is much larger than a linked text, captivating the reader’s attention.

Whitespace – In the email, the button is placed away from other elements, thereby putting all the limelight into it.

Color – The color of the buttons vary from the background, and text, this is what makes them more appealing and makes the viewers notice them.

With all these elements induced, a button can be considered as the perfect element for grabbing the attention of the viewers and encouraging conversions.

What is Email CTA?

An Email CTA is a linked text or a button that guides readers about what to do next. It entices the readers to react and take action resulting in advancing engagement. These can include signing up for software trials, downloading free guides, reading an article, purchasing products, or learning about services or products on a site landing page.  

Email CTA’s take the readers away from their email inboxes to either social media profiles or company’s website. A perfect CTA helps in boosting conversions, generating leads, and prospecting sales.

CTA Text Is Important, But How To Write It In The Perfect Way?


You might have noticed these CTA terms frequently –

Click here.

Read more.

Buy now.

Sign up.


Learn More.

Tap Here

Download Now.

Press Here.

Not only these CTA text has been overused, But people have got overboard because they know what you are hitting towards. In a recent survey, people have started taking emails with these CTA’s normal. Instead, you should dwell in some creativity that should spark enticement and an urge to take further steps in your Email marketing campaigns.

Following Are 03 Ways Using Which You Can Headstart Your Text –

Create a sense of Urgency.

In case your email is time sensitive, or you are providing a limited time offer, induce the sense of urgency in it. Make people aware of what they can miss out. The text in the button should tell people to take action if they want to take advantage of the benefits.

You can also put the countdown timer to make your email extra interesting. Instead of using NOW word in the CTA button, try something different. For example – “Offer ends in 1 hour”, “Grab before your Friends do”, “$9 ends tonight” etc.

Active verbs work well.

Download, submit, enters are some of the verbs which stress out the reader and make them uncomfortable. They feel that they are under someone’s pressure. You cannot dictate or order anyone to do anything.

You must show the readers some benefit they will get if they click the button. For example – “Get my 40% coupon”, “Your Free Trial”, etc.

Try speaking directly to your audience.

Add a sense of ownership in your CTA text. For example – “Get me my 40%”, “Get my report” etc.

Want To Create CTA That Highly Converts? Dive In

Marketing Email campaigns majorly has 03 most important jobs –

  • Getting visitors engaged
  • Describe the boons of your services/products
  • Convert visitors into customers

The 3rd job gets done by the CTA button. One of the most vital elements of the Email is the CTA button because it solely decides your conversion rates.

Your Email subject line grabs the reader’s attention. Email content demonstrates your product and services to them. But what brings in the conversion is the CTA button.

The point to stress is that the readers won’t just hit on any button. People will click only on those buttons which they find interesting and from which people know what they will be getting right after they hit it. There are number of tools in the market providing the top notch Email marketing services. You can take the help of these tools and can create and control your CTA. 

Below Given Are 05 Effective Tips That Will Help You To Create CTA Buttons That Stand Out –



#Tip 1. Make it super interactive

One of the best things you can do is to set the button in such a manner that whenever someone hovers the mouse over it, it changes colors. You can apply shading to create a mirage, people will tap to know where is the correct place button lives. You can also add the glow element to highlight it. The more interactive you get, The more clicks will fall on your side. Tempt your readers.

#Tip 2. Contrast colors for high conversions

It has rightly said that – “What stands out gets remembered, what blends in gets ignored”. The color of the button plays an important part. Make sure whatever color you choose, it should not clash with the text color and the background.  Always go for contrast colors. Opt bold pop colors as it directly hits the eyes of the readers and goes straight to their hearts.

#Tip 3. Directional Cues are a must

The best thing that you can do is to put the directional cues pointing people towards the CTA button. Directional cues bewitch the attention of the readers and guide them where to look & concentrate.

Linear cues and arrows work best to direct the user’s attention to the button. Below given are some of the tips which you can take care of while placing these cues –

  • Try to make the arrows more impressive by using the contrast colors.
  • One arrow will be accurate.
  • Do not add more
  • Take time while designing these arrows as it holds the potential to up your sales and to double your conversions.

#Tip 4. Minimalism is the key

If your email has got too much content, then the readers will face difficulty in finding the CTA. In order to avoid visual noise, you have to make sure that there is a lot of white space around your button.

#Tip 5. Test Your CTA

One of the primary benefits that you get from Email marketing is that you can always do experiments. Testing different text options and the buttons will give you the power and freedom to be creative and try out new things.

Wrapping Words

Crafting CTAs for your emails seems to be a tough task, but it’s possible.

If you want your CTA to convert, you have to keep them unique, relevant, and short. Avoid using generic terms which are ignored by the readers.

By following the tips stated in this post, you will be able to compose excellent CTA’s that draws in immense engagement and sales.

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